Valentines Day 2013...

Here are my sweet valentines!  I took on a tradition my sis-in-law started and included us in last year while in Aussie!  She leaves a few little gifts wrapped on the breakfast table along with their valentine to find when they come down in the morning.  I love this because I NEVER let my kiddos randomly get things at the store (I know I am mean ;) SO I love the opportunity to buy them a little something, something and show them the gifts love language.  I was so excited to find minnie mouse light up shoes for V (remember she has a love of shoes) and Solon has been dying to get lego's since we got some for his buddy Evan's birthday.  We got him the same helicopter and he was SO excited.  We also got them each a little candy, Solon got skittles and Vera got hershey kisses.  They both have a SERIOUS sweet tooth (remember I blame Scott ;).
Vera knew exactly what to do with the present...doesn't she look so big.  She has really blossomed the past few weeks, she is not a baby anymore :(.

Meanwhile, I made some heart shaped eggs in a valentine!  I never make a big breakfast during the week.  We generally have some place to go and my kiddos really like cereal but today was special!
...and my hubby brought me home tulips last night.  I was totally surprised and he knows spring flowers are my absolute favorite.  I would take them over roses any day of the week.  They are sooooo pretty and remind me spring is around the corner. YAY!
Solon could not wait for Scott to get home for lunch to assemble the legos together.  We attempted before but Vera was a tad too helpful and pieces were starting to go missing.  It was a great project for these two...I see many more building sessions in the future!

Tonight our community group is offering to babysit kiddos from our church while their parents go out/go home and enjoy a nice date night.  When things settle down, Scott and I will get a date night in but for now I am just relishing in the fact that I am so blessed to have these 3 valentines in my life.  I love them all to the moon and back!

Happy Valentine's Day!