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Solon's Swimming Update...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Oh my word!  What a difference 6 months will make?!  Our buddy loves swimming now, goes right in, obeys his teacher is blossoming.  He is starting to swim "short" distances (let me clarify 3-5 feet) but that is how they start.  He is growing stronger.  His teacher just said he needs to gain endurance, swimming is hard work!  Yes it is!  He is starting to turn his head, keeping his body straighter with legs back and kicking.  He is really confident with his back float while she holds on to his finger tips and of course his favorite part is jumping....anyone surprised?  He also loves to show off and dunk his head all the way under a bajillion times!  We are so thrilled that he loves it and more importantly he is learning this vital life skill (especially with his many lake days ahead!).  We will continue until he can swim independently and then depending on interest go from there.  He has some more learning to do but we couldn't be more proud of his progress!   Way to go Solon!
Practicing his back stroke...
Working on his endurance - they swim the length of the pool with a noodle under their belly to help....for a little squirt back and forth a couple of times would be draining :)
PS I think it helps that his cousins are swim stars, he wants to be just like them!  So thankful he has some rockstar cousins to want to be like :)

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