Snow Day...

We have definitely had more snow than last winter here in Iowa and actually have had some cancelled school days.  It really doesn't mean a ton to us since no one is in school yet but it does mean cancelled activities and Scott generally takes the SUV leaving us at home for the seems snow days are also blizzards with high winds so we can't venture out even to play (Yes I am a wuss).  So we come up with things like "use what you got" cookies and bring the snow indoors...
First we pulled out what we had and made some oatmeal Christmas m&m cookies!  They were a little flat so we added some more flower and they were kid-approved!  I have 2 little chefs and one is very "busy" if I don't watch out...
Note that Vera follows suit to whatever Solon does and just took matters into her own hands with the utensils...quick learner.  My kids have a mad sweet tooth just like their father!
While the cookies were baking we grabbed some snow, some of Solon's construction cars, kitchen utensils and mittens - I let them go to town while I cleaned up our mess....sous chefs are helpful but messy!
As you can see Vera took one look and decided it wasn't for her...Solon loved it!
Next thing I know (seriously I turned around to put dishes in the dishwasher and she had helped herself to the flour container...oy vey!)
...and when that didn't taste sweet enough...she pulled out the big guns.  She is spunky and motivated!
It's surprising we had any dough make it to the final cookie stage. 

Despite keeping the house clean, I am trying desperately (thanks to Sarah S sharing from her experience) to be in the moment and not just worry about the move, the house and all the business.  So we are having fun and at the end of the day I just spend a little more time cleaning up but you know me, I don't mind cleaning #Iamweirdlikethat!

What do you do to keep busy and keep the winter blues away?