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Project Making 3106 our Home: Update to the to do list...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Remember I had 5 days to make the house become my to die for dream home - ha - just kidding but I did have 5 days to pick out BUNCHES of stuff...did you doubt it could be done, nah either did I.  Luckily we got it all in the day before another snow storm (deep breath, spring is coming soon!).

So here is the run down of what has been done...

  • exterior paint, trim, stone, door color and lighting  We went with anonymous (by Sherwin Williams) and Shoji White for trim, stone is a nice combo of grey and brown stacked look and lighting we stuck with the package.  My mom is bringing an Ikea chandelier for Vera's room and the rest we will live with and change out over time but I like it for now ;)
  • interior paint (I already chose trim - white) and which rooms get painted what (I get 3 colors in the same color family) We went with mega greige (downstairs), anew gray (mudroom, laundry room and our room) and functional gray (kiddo bedrooms)
  • pick out stone for fireplace (already told them what I wanted it to look like)
  • pick out flooring - tile, carpet and wood - tile is greyish/brown, wood is dark with lots of texture and wide plank with a geyish undertone
  • pick out counter tops for kitchen and bathrooms - celedonia - grey base with brown and white
  • pick out appliances including washer and dryer - we went with standard stainless appliances and we got front loading samsung appliances, I am very excited in a totally, mom-nerd sort of way. 
Some other things accomplished but were not on the original list are...
  • Financing for new home is in process
  • Inspection on our current home complete, waiting to hear back (oy vey, keep your fingers crossed and pray!)
  • Our house interior is completely painted with trim and walls
  • Lockers are built in mudroom
  • Stair railing done
  • All woodwork accents complete including columns, door header above entry and fireplace
  • appraisal on current home complete
  • termite inspection complete
  • swingset is disassembled
  • basement,garage and china cabinet are packed....
  • A nice load of boxes has been donated to us and friends are letting us borrow their trailer!
I promise pictures soon, I stopped yesterday and was so struck by all the progress, I forgot to take pictures.  Today when I went to get some there were signs on the doors saying "Do not enter"...they were finishing the spraying of the walls and had it all taped off.  So depending on snow-pocolypse tomorrow I will try to get some photos.  Solon keeps asking when the carpet is going in....he is disappointed that they haven't accomplished that yet.  I am so impressed with all they have, they are surely working hard to get us to close on March 15th.  It is anyone's guess, we will keep you posted!
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  1. Can't wait to see the pics. Sounds beautiful! Love the colors you picked.


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