Project Making 3106 our home: Starting point...

Saturday, February 16, 2013
As you know we bought an in-progress home.  You might ask why?  Well I hate chaos and building a home from scratch takes atleast 4 months from start to finish (longer if there are any materials on backorder).  I know people that do it (and they are amazing) and they live in temporary house or with family.  We don't have any town family and living in a 2 bedroom apartment for the SAME price we currently pay on our house seemed like a real BUMMER.  We saw this house and I have totally been stalking it for MONTHS.  It is the EXACT floor plan I wanted on a quiet street and the backyard bumps up to a cornfield (where the farmer has no intentions of selling for a while but don't worry mom it is zoned for housing like ours in the future :).  It was really a God thing that it all worked out, our house sold and we bought this on the same day.  We almost had to because it was at the point where it was a blank canvas but any later and we couldn't have made it ours.  As it turns out we have been able to pick out everything - like they called me over to design the fireplace and columns - um, I didn't even know what I was doing but we worked together and I think the end result is going to be totally us!  I can't wait.  It has been SO fun, pinteresting for a purpose with my hubby to make this house our home....

I thought I would show you what she was like when we started and then I will update as we go along.  Just yesterday I was over there giving them my paint selections (I got 3 choices for the whole house so we stuck with the greige phenomenon).  They had about 15 guys doing trim work, it was crazy how much they had gotten done.  This is the fun stage where change occurs more quickly :)!

Exterior - no paint or stone yet!
Kitchen cabinets are hung but no crown on top of them...
Our bedroom with tray ceiling...we face the back this time....
Kiddos bathroom vanity...notice Solon is exploring!
Solon's room - he has the smaller closet (Vera has more hanging clothes ;)  Their rooms are about 10-15 sq. feet larger then their rooms currently!
Vera's future room...she will be in her crib still in the "nursery" when we move in (just typing move in gets me excited)
2nd Floor Laundry (I have an actual mudroom/lockers on the main floor - yay for a dumping ground)
2 Story Foyer with open staircase (not on our needs list but on my oh so excited wanted list)

I am a 2 story kind of gal so ranches were out.  I think you have to know how you live.  I am not a basement person so all the finished square footage doesn't mean a lot of extra living for us.  We will finish our basement someday for a kid zone.  I want to be that house where we can have friends over and the fridge is always full.  When they are at your house, you know what they are doing :)!

It already looks different...we will keep you up to date!
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