Project Making 3106 our home: Dreaming of paint chips...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
I promise I have not deserted you faithful few in my blogosphere....but blogging falls to the bottom of said totem pole now that we are officially off the market and signed our lives away for a new house....

Meaning I am dreaming of paint chips, spending my days perusing places like Menard's, Home Depot and countless builder showrooms with 2 tots in tow....they are oh so helpful, they really liked the paint chips aisle and testing out doors and pushing the cart into things....and being really cute in between.

We have 1 week to pick out the following....

  • exterior paint, trim, stone, door color and lighting
  • interior paint (I already chose trim - white) and which rooms get painted what (I get 3 colors in the same color family)
  • pick out stone for fireplace (already told them what I wanted it to look like)
  • pick out flooring - tile, carpet and wood
  • pick out counter tops for kitchen and bathrooms
  • pick out all interior lighting - we might end up with flush mounts aka "boob lights" for now for a few rooms but hoping to get Vera a little flush mounted chandelier for her future room :)
  • pick out appliances including washer and dryer

It is all so exciting, totally up my alley and if I have to choose between picking it out in 5 days or not at all - you know what my answer will be and I find I work better under a time crunch anyway.  That little list above was more for me than the mean time I will be sporadic in and out.  I still have to do my mom, wife and daughter of Christ duties and figure out a timeline for moving...and probably gravel at peoples feet and beg for help in the moving process, I know when I am beaten and I can't do this bad boy alone....

I will be posting pics soon so you can watch the progress, right now the house looks like this...

  • cabinets are hung in kitchen (espresso finish)
  • trim is going in, doors are all hung, and all trim should be painted white by weeks end
  • Walls have been textured
  • Deck is in
We are about 35 days out from being completed - target date March 15th!  Crazy and exciting times but the Lord has been faithful to us in the process and I know He will see us through all the bumps along the way, we have already had a few moments of testing and He showed us His plan is perfect.  Thank goodness He goes before us....

We will keep you up to date on Project Making 3106 our home!
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