Our home...

I am a nerd and took pictoral evidence of our home pre-staging....what does that mean, we are moving along  in the process....it is no where close to being in the finished folder but we are working towards that way.  I have to say my body is already tired, a twitching eye and well some bathroom issues (hoping it is a virus) has me on light duty today (no mom I am not prego - checked that one out already ;).  So here is our 1st home in all of her infinite glory, I am biased but I think she turned out kind of nice...I hope someone else thinks so.  The realtors who want to sell it said she was purty!

Laundry Room
Kiddo/Guest bath
Solon's room
Our bathroom
Our bedroom
Our closet
Dining Room
Guest Bath (the color looks odd but a deep crimson)
Front Exterior (note Vera has no pants on - they are optional ;)

Our backyard
...and the basement.

We have worked so hard to make her our home.  She was a labor of love and will always hold a special DIY place in my heart.  We shall see, she could be ours for a while longer unless someone fancies her like we do ;).