Multiude Monday...

This has been a week of ups and downs (mostly because it is just that time of the month ;) but also because I keep switching from living in my flesh to asking God to place me back in His spirit.  When I start living in the flesh, I freak out, complain and worry.  All of those things really are not going to help in the long run and end up putting me in a panic for no good reason.  Why don't I learn to just start calling out to God immediately when worry sets in, He does provide a peace and rest that is so comforting.  There is so much out of my control right now and quite frankly I could use just a little more vitamin-D in the form of sunshine!  I have so much to be thankful for in the waiting....

694.  Our garage door fix estimate came in at a reasonable price (yes I ran into it when I was prego with Solon - pregnancy brain anyone) and it has always worked fine, so we are just now fixing it!
695.  Birds chirping
696.  Walks as a family in the "warmer" weather
697.  Sitting on the steps watching our kiddos play outside
698.  The chiropractor working on my neck ache (stress much?)
699.  Understanding and helpful hubby
700.  my mom's love of decorating and helping to outfit Vera's big girl room
701.  Melting snow and spring flowers popping through the soil
702.  an evening hot cup of tea with my hubby
703.  TV time with the hubby
704.  God's word
705.  Answered prayers
706.  A cheap"ER" fix on the suv and having it back (it could have been 4x the cost) praise that it was covered by warranty!
707.  a good deal on washer/dryer
708.  grocery shopping solo (I didn't forget anything on the list)
709.  coming under budget in groceries this month (good thing too because we had a few other expenses ;)
710.  Quiet weekend at home
711.  Visiting the new house as a family and going out to lunch together
712.  Conquering my fear of asking for a donation (I would make a horrible salesperson)
713.  baby snuggles and little boys who say "I love being with you mommy" - melts my heart
714.  Playing make believe and being in the moment with my kiddos (I am not the best at playing for long periods with my kiddos but I am trying)
715. Working on waiting patiently during the moving process