Multitude Monday...

Another week has flown by - woah! Not that I am complaining, I know you should not dislike any days/months but I would say February is my least favorite month.  For me it is like week 37 to the end of pregnancy.  You just want to come and the last few days seem to take the longest but what is the saying...good things come to those that we will wait with visions of spring flowers, birds chirping and green grass swirling in our mind.  Did I mention a huge winter storm is squelching our previous made plans to head to MN this weekend?  Spring IS just around the corner....yes it is!  Okay I better get my head on right...this is a multitude Monday post after all!

673.  My friend share this song and I LOVE IT (click HERE)  great for Valentine's Day!
674.  Impromptu tulips from my hubby
675.  Things are going smoothly with our move thus far...things are rollin' now...
676.  Clarity on finishing touches for the house
677.  Time to talk through some things with God that have been on my heart
678.  My hubby listening
679.  Date night to watch Downton Abbey (even though it was aggravating)
680.  Remarkable story of God's grace on my friend's blog (click HERE to be left praising God!)
681.  Learning about peace this week - I pretty much stink at being at peace but I am a work in progress
682.  Vera's sweet kisses - she now gives them out more liberally
683.  Solon's joy when he completes a puzzle all by himself
684.  Solon buckles his own seatbelt now (he is so big!)
685.  Dishwashers
686.  selling a few things before we move...
687.  God's grace
689.  simple meals
690.  Pregnancy announcements  (not mine) and tiny newborns
691.  my coffee to go cup
692.  Scott finding the missing diapers I had bought...
693.  Being excited about our home and driving by as a family

I have a lot on my mind today....I am tired....I am consulting God and am thankful he goes before us...this song came on today and it was just what I needed to HERE