Multitude Monday...

Well there has been so much "brewing" around our house, I have been brewing a tad more coffee these days.  I always think coffee smells good and an easy way to make your home smell inviting and livable while also producing a nice treat for me!  Amongst all the moving craziness, we still are doing are best at being mom/dad, spouse and child of Christ.  Some days it feels like I am juggling and doing okay and then some days it is all I can do hold the balls in my hand BUT God asks for an obedient heart and fills in with grace in our moments of alas I will start with that for my Monday full of multitude....

652.  God's grace and being able to approach Him at any hour of the day with ANY thing on my heart.  He knows the real me and LOVES me anyway!
653.  Our realtor - if you need one she is AMAZING!  We love her...
654.  Little things ONLY God could do - He cares about EVERY thing in our lives...even the details.
655.  Sandwiches - easy peesy and don't smell up the joint ;)
656.  Slippers for my cold feet
657.  Chiropractic adjustment and learning how to relieve stress I hold in my shoulders
658.  My hubby praying with me, for us and for the process we are in - nothing like coming together before God!
659.  Vera's snuggles - my baby is growing up but she will still lay her head on my shoulder at times
660.  The way Solon kisses Vera's head, pulls her in for a hug and looks after her -
661.  Prayer warriors - you all have been amazing at lifting us up before God - THANK YOU!
662.  Friends who invited us over for playdates (thanks Mandey and Kayla) and watch our kiddos while we go visit the house and have meetings (thanks Mandey and Kayla again) - it is hard for me to ask for help but am so thankful I have friends that say "YES" when I do!
663.  Being able to text and call to Australia - I miss my RAQUEL so much but so thankful we can still talk
664.  Planning and throwing a baby shower for an adoptive family - what an amazing story they have!
665.  Successfully completing my first silhouette project...and to Solon for being my scrap cleaner upper
666.  Time as a family doing whatever - I just love being the 4 of us
667.  my hubby's excitement over this house stuff - you know him he is pretty even keeled, fun to see him so jazzed ;)
668.  other people's blogs - I just love to read them - so encouraging!
669.  God and his provision - can't say it enough - feeling SO SO SO thankful and want Him to get all the credit.
670.  FULL nights of sleep again (minus last night b/c I gave Vera yogurt, yep still has a milk intolerance - bad mommy moment)
671.  hearing about great vacations for our parents - it is nice to see them enjoy themselves :)
672.  Being still and letting God be in control - you all know me and that is hard but through this home buying process I have had TREMENDOUS peace, I just knew God would work it all out and I have not stressed (yes there have been moments of nerves and excitement) but I have not worried and God has come through over and over and over again .

I want to learn from the Israelite nation.   They failed to remember God delivered them from so much and kept complaining and forgetting.  I want to lift Him high and I want Him to shine through me. I hope I can do that for Him, it is the very least I can do and if you think I am a nut job for talking about Him so much - I will tell you story after story and after story about how He has provided for us and of course how He has offered us salvation and eternal life.  He deserves EVERYTHING I have to offer him!

A song we sang this weekend had these lyrics....

Every blessing you pour out, I'll turn back and praise --  Blessed be the name of the Lord