Multitude Monday....

What a week it has been and God continues to remind me of where I should place my trust, how I should use my time and He grounds me.  Thank Him for His steadfast love even though I so often can take the lampstand from His face.  He deserves my complete trust, devotion and adoration.  I will fall short 9/10 but luckily for me He offers grace, forgiveness and mulligans.  He reminds me that despite our house being on the market and the anticipation of picking out a new home, that "fun" will soon subside.  How easily is it to place my trust in earthly things to gain joy but I don't want to be like Solomon depending on that to make me happy.  I am trying to keep all things in perspective, after all I am still a mom, wife and daughter of Christ and those duties are far above preparing a home for sale.  I pray I can keep that mantra in the next few months.  So without further a do, here is what I am so thankful to the Lord for, this and so much more....

632. Being able to lead worship at church.  I love how God uses talents you don't perceive you have for His good.  I don't have a "great" voice but yet He uses me....and I love it!
633.  Great friends and family I can text with a million questions, you know me - I have a million!
634.  The hubs and I on the same page in life...he is my Mr. Steady
635.  The hubs helping get the house ready to go
636.  ripe fresh pears
637.  Watching Solon's joy as he completes a jigsaw puzzle on his own
638.  Vera "singing"
639.  Vera's new words - cheers, mommy, yes, daddy (how did cheers get in there....hmm!)
640.  Vera's love for all things shoes, she has to wear a pair constantly and we have to rotate throughout hte day
641.  Playing silly games with Solon that leave us both laughing hyserically
642.  Time with good friends to chat
643.  Surviving a Saturday morning Target trip and thank goodness for free samples
644.  fresh haircut for Scott and Solon - they look so cute ;)
645.  Solon's make-up swim lesson (he got to have it all by himself - 30 minutes of just him and his teacher)
646.  Scott's face when we ordered the Adam Emmanacker Sandwich to split ($25 of BBQ goodness at Jethro's - Josh Malin, watch out we taking you there!)  I know a way to my mans' heart
647.  Playing Elefun with Vera and Solon
648.  Hearing how well behaved our kiddos are (so glad that discipline and hard work pays off when we are away ;)
649.  trying new things with my silhouette
650.  praise music
651.  a pantry full of food and a warm home

So much to be thankful for beyond our home being for sale...I don't like rejection so I hope I won't be hurt when people critique our home  the house.  She was a labor of love and I think that is why I have nervous butterflies.  I hope  someone else finds her usable to their needs.  Until then, we will rest in the fact that God is in control and He is our strong hold.  If I let circumstances dictate my mood, I know to check where I am gaining my joy.