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Housing Update....

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Well by now you know we have placed our house on the market.  Yes we made it official last Tuesday with the sign in the yard, professional photos and signing our lives away.  Then Wednesday it made it on to the MLS and then we waited (me not so patiently) until Thursday at 4 pm when we got a call from our realtor that we had a showing in 1 hour...ah....talk about moving your buns and buns we moved.  We got the place in tip-top shape and raced out the door in sockened feet with 15 minutes to spare.  I have to say Scott assisted me by wrangling the squirts, I don't know if you have moved with small children but cleaning with them is like shoveling while it is still snowing...NOT.VERY.PRODUCTIVE!  Then we got a call that night that we would have 2 showings Friday and while we were gone on Friday, we got a call for a 3rd sandwiched between the other 2.  We met Scott for lunch and then toodled around before putting down the kiddos for a quick nap and then escaping to Kinzenbaw's for a little bit of playtime fun.  We had the day off Saturday but got news that 2 people were very interested and both one of their top choices.  One of the interested parties came back for a 2nd showing Sunday along with another 1st time showing.  And that is where we stand.  Everyone that has visited has had nice things to say....so we wait....we wait on God's perfect timing and try not to rest our hope and emotions in the process (easier said then done).   I am not always (say never) a very patient person so I am trying to bend to let God teach me that in this process, once again easier said then done!  We will keep you updated...we meet with a builder tomorrow to talk about an in-process home as well as building one from scratch...depending on timing, it will determine which route we go.  We want to be able to customize a few things and it might get too late in the in-process home.  Once again, God knows and we will rest in that fact!
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  1. You are so fortunate. Our house has been on the market for two weeks and nothing! Ugh! I hope you continue to havegood fortune a get a great offer.


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