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A little of This and That: What keeps us entertained...

Sunday, February 17, 2013
This post is a mish-mash of all the pictures from January/February that go with no particular post but are noteworthy!  I love snapping everyday photos with my phone...these kind of capture the day to day!

Well you all know how the love of Target soft pretzels got started - when I was prego with Vera!  I was constantly nauseated but if I ate a little something (preferably a carb, I would feel better) - enter the mid-morning snack while shopping at Target.  Solon never forgets anything so we will still do it.  My kiddos love a soft pretzel!  We all share 1 and some waters - cheap date!  If they are extra lucky (say daddy is with us) they get to sit in the swivel chairs!
So happy....
Off to Home Depot to get some things for our current house so we could sell it - my kiddos love the car carts.
Sometimes Vera just cannot stay awake on the way home from some place.  Despite our best attempts at keeping her up....she still manages to fall asleep.  She is not great at transferring, if she falls asleep in the car, she calls that a nap - I don't think so!
Solon was really struggling with night terrors for a while there.  We are in the in-between nap stage and if he doesn't nap, he generally is so tired at night, he gets one.  Night terrors are not nightmares.  Some people get them when they are extremely tired, Solon has had them since he was a baby.  It is extremely scary for you as a parent but they don't remember them, they are still in a sleep state.  We hope he outgrows them.
 Solon has been digging puzzles and games lately.  He will tell you his favorite thing to do alone with mommy or daddy is to do those things.  We have a little "Solon" time everyday while Vera is napping or gone to bed to do just that!
They love the iPhone camera because it is like a mirror :)
This little lady makes cleaning 10x harder.  Good thing she is SO cute.  She loves to take trash out of the garbage can, as evidenced here!
Solon "not napping" - see he still needs them somedays...
 Solon loves his stuffed animals....
Our "ani-mails" from Grandma and Grandpa Wetherbee.  We actually got these complete with a postage sticker in the mail today.  What a hoot....
Vera loves sharing her dolly's high chair!
Taking advantage of a semi-nice February day....

I feel like singing the song....We've got cabin fever, we've got cabin fever...is it a song? Or am I delirious from the cold?!  We are all ready for spring....luckily all this move stuff is keeping us pretty busy.  Last weekend, we packed up the basement, garage and outdoor stuff....everything else will come but my kiddos still need to play and we all need our clothes so we can be decent in public!

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