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Our "little" trial...

Friday, January 18, 2013
Ah that post title is 2 fold....Our baby girl has been NOT sleeping through the night consistently for the past 2 months (basically since I stopped nursing at 14 months).  We have been giving her whole milk and she loves all things dairy.  We had a pretty crazy December with Cy, sickness, and the holidays and so for a while we just assumed it was stress, sickness, being away from home, etc. but as my sister-in-law pointed out we needed a nice quiet January to eliminate all outside factors and get to the root of the problem.  I am really getting into functional medicine, treating the root cause vs. the symptoms.  Highly fasinating and overwelming at the same time but it really stops and make you think...are we treating the symptoms or is there an underlying problem?  After about the 45th day of not sleeping and listening to our baby scream, she wanted to be held in the night or would scream, like ear piercing, my heart was being ripped out screaming.  AWFUL!  I decided to REALLY pray for God to heal her (yep it only took me 45 days to plead with God).      That night I slept in the closet.  The next morning God placed a friend on my heart and her story of her little girl and how she exhibited the same symptoms as Vera, why hadn't I thought of it before?

I quickly called Kayla that morning and after comparing notes, I was off to Hy-Vee to get some lactose-free milk to see if it would make any difference, along with that we would cut out all cheese, yogurt and anything containing milk....

After just 1 day, that night Vera slept through the night for the 1st time in many, many weeks - HALLELUJAH....what a difference sleep can make.  She has continually improved and her HORRIBLE excema is clearing up nicely.  I hadn't even considered that might be a result of a milk intolerance, go figure.  We are in the throws of figuring out food for this picky, I mean PICKY, eater who loves dairy and trying to give Solon his dairy in private...she doesn't understand why she can't have it...

Luckily facebook has given me opportunity to ask some questions, in addition to some internet research on my part and questions for the chiropractor and doctor.  Apparently dairy intolerances in young kids is not that uncommon - dairy is VERY hard to break down in a little person's gut.  My sister (who knew?) was lactose intolerant until 2.  Both of my kiddos were lactose intolerant at birth but blindly I thought Vera was like Solon and could tolerate it - I am assuming my milk was not as potent and I don't drink milk products in quantities little people do....

Anyway we are on the road to understanding and my peanut, well she is as happy at night as the day now - praise God!

And yep she likes her bling...I got my girlie girl!

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  1. We don't drink cow's milk so Amelia drinks coconut milk and eats coconut milk yogurt and LOVES it. I chose coconut milk because of the medium chain fatty acids, they are crucial for brain development and also found in breast milk!


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