Multitude Monday...

This week I am thankful for so much but off the top of my head....

571.  My tension headache has been helped by yoga & chiropractor

572.  Vera slept all night last night (first time in a LONG time)
573.  Sharing my testimony with our bible study - tomorrow is my big day -first day teaching (pray for me ;)
574.  Digging through the freezer and pantry and finding 7 more meals to stretch out our grocery budget
575.  Solon's new "rest time" routine...seems to be helping him sleep better at night
576.  Studying God's word - the Holy Spirit is an amazing gift from God
577.  Organizing the pantry and baskets...I love them!
578.  Sunny days
579.  My kids love to snuggle and I love to snuggle them
580.  Got Solon into preschool...think the routine will work out great for us! Praise God!
581.  Solon's broken glasses are covered by a warranty - no cost to us :)
582.  Chatting with my friends after church, on the phone or by text - love my girlfriends
583.  A great MOPS Friday - always so fun to enjoy some time with other moms to relax
584.  playing games as a family - we are loving our new Go Fish color game! (nightly games are in order)
585.  Healthy version of banana bread - probably not healthy if you eat a whole loaf
586.  Water - there is something to be said for being well hydrated
587.  Learning about nutrition and health - so overwelming but so intriguing at the same time
588.  A good work-out - I forgot how much I LOVE yoga!
589.  Crossing things off the honey-do list
590.  Using gift cards to do a little DIY and decorating (pictures to come!)

 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.
Deuteronomy 6:5