Multitude Monday...

Our first full week back in a routine after the usual I am thankful to God for His provision over our family.  I want to be clear, I am not boasting about "my" blessings, rather I am just trying to relish in the little things of life that so easily get overlooked.  You know sometimes it is hard to see the tiny daisy along the path, if you are not looking for it.  I am SLOWLY learning life is a journey and not a destination.  It is not about the next best thing, it is about relishing in the here and now, which I struggle with.  This little list helps me stay accountable to the things that matter - that is why I do it and for the fact that nothing I have been given is by my doing, it is by my grace-filled and merciful Father!  To Him be the glory! 

551.  The things Solon says - he makes me laugh every single day....
552.  The way Vera puckers up her whole face when she gives you a kiss
553.  Vera now can answer yes/no questions and respond to commands, she is growing up!
554.  Our budget no longer is red - more expenses, then income (like it was when I first stayed home).  God has helped us to let go of some "wants" and also provided so much! 
555.  Preparing a bible study on the Holy Spirit - I have learned so much!
556.  Safety for my in-laws - they made it to Australia (I suppose it is not okay to be a jealous in a thankfulness post?)
557.  Modern technology (yes it has its drawbacks of being too connected) but so thankful I can actually see the Malin's half way around the world.
558.  Getting the upstairs hall painted - it only took us 6 years
559.  Hanging out with my family
560.  Finding a new show Scott and I can enjoy together - Downton Abbey
561.  Working out regularly again (we are healthy so we can go to the gym!)
562.  My mom's generosity - Vera and Solon are so stylish in their new wardrobe
563.  Scott cooking dinner
564.  Singing Vera her prayers (she prefers everything to song) and rocking her good night
565.  My kiddos dancing in their car seats to music
566.  Fareway - it is so nice to have someone put your groceries in your car! Ron rocks!
567.  Great daycare workers at my gym, they love my kiddos and it makes it easy to leave them.
568.  My Titus group - they are such an encouragement to me.  I have never grown more in my faith then the past 2 years.
569.  Our community group - we had a wonderful dinner together last week.  We just love hanging out with those couples and it doesn't hurt they know how to cook some darn good food!
570. Our babysitter Faith - she is amazing with our kiddos.  She just knows, I don't even have to tell her a thing...she is wonderful!

I am soooo thankful we are all healthy.  It was a long December - I should also say I am thankful for soap and hand sanitizer, even Vera knows what that is!  After that month, I am not taking our health for granted.  I am getting a bill a day for all the visits...guess that means I am thankful for good insurance too!  Counting my blessings for He so abundantly cares for us!