Multitude Monday (slightly late)...

Things have been busy around here so I am sorry this is a tad late....but don't they say better late than never!
I could just call it Thankful Tuesday instead....

611.  A fun night with Mandey and the kiddos while our guys were away
612.  Scratch cupcakes (Scott brought home with him from CF while at a 30th party)
613.  All day "stay home" weekend days (stay home days as Solon calls them)
614.  A very clean house
615.  Things are coming together....
616.  Great conversations with my sister in law - we can chat for hours - I really mean hours!!
617.  Being on the same page as my hubby
618.  making Vera & Solon laugh
619.  Taking a moment to put my feet up (Rare but oh so nice!)
620.  Community group ladies
621.  A great lesson on love this week - it is a concious choice to love like is more than a feeling!
622.  Fondue
623.  A good workout
624.  We came in under budget for January...
625.  some good deals with my gymbucks for the kiddos
626.  our very own real live angry bird game
627.  nights without night terrors (few and far between as we transition from taking a nap)
628.  Hulu (I would never be able to keep up with my shows)
629.  photographs...
630.  a hot cup of coffee
631.  Smoothies