Let's Go Cyclones...

Our gracious neighbors (remember our neighbors rock) were at the bowl game in Memphis and offered their 4 tickets to us....um, yes please and thank you!  So we piled in the car and headed up on New Year's Day to cheer on our beloved clones.  We all enjoyed it and even had our innaugural "clone cone" because there is no cotton candy at basketball games, womp womp!  2nd choice - ice cream!  The kids and I also walked around the loop, saw Cy (from a distance, can't get too close to a big scary bird ;) and had a party in the bathroom!  All in all, it was a great day!

 ...and by some miracle, little miss kept her hair bow in for 50% of the game...progress, I tell you, progress!
...and it is just so hard cheering, she fell asleep in daddy's arms...rare, unusual and oh so cute (she slept in my arms through the cold all the way to the car, she was tiiiirrreeedddd!