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Gingerbread house, why not?

Saturday, January 5, 2013
We had never decorated a gingerbread house so when I saw the $6.99 special on one of my many Walgreen antibiotic runs, I picked it up.  It was a great deal with everything you needed, including a little tray to help hold it together.  We spent a little time Christmas eve morning making it and Solon spent most of the time eating the candies.  It sounded like his teeth might break off, I don't think the candy is known for its quality but was good enough for a sugar-obsessed 3 year old.
a rare hubby-wife photo...I may have cropped a child out ;)
Enjoying the "high quality" candy!
 Taking a timeout from eating to decorate...
Ellen making the icicles...
And the finished product...
...and the proud first time team that put it all together!
Thanks Grandpa for being the valued photographer...
We decided next year we would do it again and maybe each get our own but then we had 2nd thoughts it could get nasty fast, so in the spirit of Christmas we will be united for the cause!  It was hard to tell who enjoyed it more, the kid or the adults...I will let you decide ;)!

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