Decorating Cookies...

A long standing tradition is decorating sugar cookies, I think we only eat about 25% of what we decorate because of all the other varieties and limited stomach space but we sure have fun...especially when my dad seems to make a mess all over my kitchen floor (right dad?).

I think my mom bought 25 different bottles of sprinkles...the woman loves her sprinkles!  No one cookie was the same!
...and Solon was napping so we saved him a few for when he woke up, we were not sure if he would be into it BUT boy was he ever.  He especially liked the dump into a heap method.  So when he wasn't looking my mom would smooth it over...good thing my mom brought lots of sprinkles!
...Vera just liked sticking her finger in the frosting, hence why her finger is in her mouth.  The girl loves sugar, what can I say?
Can I say it again, I love Christmas - the traditions, family and fun!