Christmas Take 2...

After we hustled my parents out of this joint (just kidding they were ready to go), we finished packing up the car and headed north, over a river, through some woods, a few cornfields and arrived at Nana and Papa's.  Uncle Paul, Aunt Angee and Grandma Olive were already there.  We spent the afternoon exchanging gifts.  Solon loved Christmas "again" and happily opened his many and generous gifts.  A favorite was a Thomas train stop light and Vera enjoyed her little kitchen mixer with working and exchangeable parts.

Us "kids" draw out of a hat and buy for just one of the siblings.  Our kids get gifts from everyone and we all get for Scott's parents.  It is still fun to get a little somethin' somethin'! I got a vacuum (you know you are about to turn 30 when you are excited about that) and Scott got some much needed attire.  Solon especially loved the Hallmark record-able book, it is kind of become a tradition for Nana and Papa to get the kiddos one and Solon's favorite part is the ad-libbing they do...they make great quiet time books, as they read themselves ;)!  

We spent the evening relaxing and watching some football if I recall, I enjoyed sitting back and letting my mother-in-law do her magic in the kitchen while I sat on my tush - nothing like a few days off of kitchen duty to make your heart pitter patter ;)!