Christmas Eve...

After our morning spent swimming at the pool and decorating our gingerbread house, we spent the afternoon opening some presents before the kiddos went down for a little nap.  We wanted the kiddos to open some of theirs before church because we knew there would be limited time before we had to clean up and get to bed for Santa's arrival.
Vera was in to opening her gifts but after each one she wanted to play - but since we were in no hurry - we assembled and played as we went...

I even surprised Scott (note the ooohing face)  No clothes from me this year, I actually found him a fun game he had never seen before.  We have played it and it is a hit - yay!
Oh and my mom was pumped too.  She was oohing and ahing over her personalized iphone cover with her and the kiddos on it.  It was so cute, the kiddos made me one too...
Grandma and Grandpa got Solon a swiss barn with all the animals - a right of passage toy for the Wetherbee gang.  Once he figured out what it all was, he enjoyed it. 
 We had our "traditional" meal on Christmas Eve of ham, party potatoes, green bean casserole and of course "crackers" so we could wear the crowns and tell the jokes!
Scott cutting the ham!
I sang at Christmas Eve service and the service ended with a candlelit randition of Silent Night - I love those moments of the church singing in unision for our savior.  I am bummed that we didn't get a family picture so I will have to recreate it sometime! We came home and unwrapped our matching PJ's before placing the cookies and milk for Santa and tucking the kiddos into bed. 
 Us adults finished opening presents and of course my dad stole the show with his thoughtful pay it forward gifts - of course it was another tear jerker.  Each family member was honored with a donation in their name to a charity. 
St. Jude's - Vera
Blank Children's Hospital - Solon
Hope Ministries - Scott
ISU Vet Foundation - Erin (in honor of Cy)
He is getting sappy and thoughtful in his old age.  Each donation was accompanied with a sweet note and reason.  What an awesome gift - once again my favorite of the year!