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Bowling Fun...

Saturday, January 12, 2013
While we were up in Cedar Falls, we spent one afternoon tearing up the lanes at the local bowling alley.  A few of us "had" to bowl with bumpers (wink!) and some of the more competitive folks used lane #2.  I am first the say my huge thumb holds me back and I am not a great bowler so I opted for the bumpers....Solon still managed to match my score!  He loved his first bowling experience and preferred Daddy helping him.  Scott is so patient and good with him!  He also loved watching the balls come back on the ball return and grooving to the great music with Vera.

Daddy, Papa and Vera (she enjoyed spectating and switching from lap to lap intermixed with dancing and walking down the narrow step way!)
Fascinated about how the ball return works...
Daddy sweetly helping Solon score big - they found a way for Solon to bank off the bumpers and get spares and strikes...engineers, I tell you!
Best of friends (most of the time - wink)
A rare family photo op....
And a group photo of the bowling gang...
...and one more with mommy and her buddy!

What a fun way to spend the afternoon, Solon has already been begging to go back.  That day he also learned what those little candy machines where you insert a quarter do - they deliver candy.  Now everywhere we go, he asks....but it is only for special treats ;).

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