A few last random pictures from our trip to the C&F...

Okay so is it just me but my camera rocks...look at those beauties...how amazing that each one is slightly different...
My in laws live on the Cedar River, it is beautiful!  Something about a beautiful sunrise over the crisp, sparkling snow...God does know how to paint an awe-inspiring picture!
We had a nice little ashes spreading ceremony and spread Cy's ashes next to Scott's childhood dog Scarlet. She was also a Golden, cut from the same cloth as Cy.  We know they are enjoying getting into all sorts of trouble together.  Cy always loved the woods and would roll over and we would have to carry into the car to leave...she loved it there, seemed fitting she would stay there always!
My kiddos are really into crafts right now...we get into our art cupboard daily so they enjoyed helping hands while we visiting...coloring, playdoh, games, you name it - they will do it all if you are willing!
...and of course a few games were in order...I didn't have as much success, womp womp!
...but Vera certainly helped with her cuteness!

It was a great trip, we will all be back together mid-March when Marty and Dale return from their trip down under.