A little therapy post...

Thursday, January 31, 2013
I am sure everyone blogs for a variety of reasons and most of the time is to show off my adorable cantgetenoughofyou children to far away family and friends.  But I have found as I grow older (and wiser ;) that I also enjoy writing to get my feelings out on to paper and process.  I think it is fun to really understand yourself and how you operate.  For instance I am a thinker, processer aka stewer and dweller.  Things lay on my heart and I can't get them off of my heart unless I can take them from the in process folder to finished...I can just see those files on my make believe desk and the feeling of satisfaction of moving things from one spot to the other.  Unfortunately in life, sometimes things are harder to get from "in process" to finished. Say our kitchen painting project....took forever to get from one file to the other.  Another reflection, the older I get the more I realize I do not deal well with chaos.  I am orderly, type A, anal, you can think of a hundred other adjectives but there was a reason I had perfect bangs in the 90's...just saying!

So when Scott and I started discussing the very thought of the possibility of just maybe we might kind of think (you get the idea - big word - tentative) about moving to another home (within Ankeny although Australia was discussed), moving was thrown into my in process file folder.  Now as a mom you have a million other in process file folder items that I desperately try to get into the finished pile every single day...say laundry, dishes, cleanly children, chores, blogging, errands, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. So when we add in the whopping "moving" into that category - although emotions likes excitement and wonder are in there - I also have thoughts of words that can't be named and stomach moths the size of dinosaurs too....

So where to start in getting this idea to the finished file folder because as I told my friend Mandey today we just need to figure it out like yesterday.  So how?

Numero uno, we have been praying, talking, praying ,listening with a careful ear to advice given (because you all know when you have major decisions everyone and your mother's uncle has an opinion).  Then we hooked up with a realtor and got a market analysis on our house and just to be extra sure we got a 2nd opinion.  Always good to make sure someone is just not blowing smoke in your direction.  Good thing for us is we got 2 glowing recommendations and both were within $1000 of each other.

Next up we looked at our financials - we looked at our monthly budget and what we could afford while still meeting our other obligations.  No sense in being house poor... This is the stage we are in now....we are calling banks, getting rate quotes, loan types, etc. etc. but in the midst of all of this Scott and I are continuing to pray and just today Scott told me he thinks we need a financial planner (um yes I totally agree and withough using those words was thinking along the same lines).  I love when God brings us together on things.

So now here we sit with this HUGE (READ HUGE) decision out there...and we just don't know.  It is different than any move I encountered and you all know I have moved my fair share.  Different because it is my money (and I like to spend it but by mom would tell you I was always very careful first to think and process before letting go).  Another reason it is different is we are putting maybe a little too much weight that it should be perfect since we will be there for a long time.  I feel as though no matter what house we choose will fall short with those expectations....but alas we have them.

But where we stand this afternoon I feel at peace more than I have felt in the entire process....why, probably because i just divulged all of the inner workings of my crazy head to who ever reads this and more so because God has brought Scott and I together on this topic, we have asked Him (who has given it all to us) to lead our decision and God has also blessed us with some great friends and family who we are asking to give us advice.

So I don't think this huge in process item is going anywhere soon, maybe that is the point.  All things don't have to be done on my timing, God's timing is perfect.  His timing will allow Scott and I to get comfy and come together on everything and in the process I am sure he will teach me a little chaos is okay, life is not perfectly tidied up in cute little baskets and file folders sometimes a little chaos is okay.

So where does that leave us - heading to a financial planner.  We will ultimately make the decision but for now a little more unbiased, unrelated advice from a stranger who doesn't know us is what we hope to seek.  We shall see....I am sure to keep you posted.  In the meantime, your prayers that I can learn to live in the unknown and we make a wise decision would be appreciated.  Oh yeah and that I can enjoy house hunting because those that know me know I get so giddy thinking about snooping around other people's houses.

Oh yeah and that is why I have not been blogging, I have been cleaning, decluttering, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning to make our home be all that I know she can be.  (IF you know anyone wanting an adorable home, you know where to find one ;).

Multitude Monday (slightly late)...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Things have been busy around here so I am sorry this is a tad late....but don't they say better late than never!
I could just call it Thankful Tuesday instead....

611.  A fun night with Mandey and the kiddos while our guys were away
612.  Scratch cupcakes (Scott brought home with him from CF while at a 30th party)
613.  All day "stay home" weekend days (stay home days as Solon calls them)
614.  A very clean house
615.  Things are coming together....
616.  Great conversations with my sister in law - we can chat for hours - I really mean hours!!
617.  Being on the same page as my hubby
618.  making Vera & Solon laugh
619.  Taking a moment to put my feet up (Rare but oh so nice!)
620.  Community group ladies
621.  A great lesson on love this week - it is a concious choice to love like Jesus...it is more than a feeling!
622.  Fondue
623.  A good workout
624.  We came in under budget for January...
625.  some good deals with my gymbucks for the kiddos
626.  our very own real live angry bird game
627.  nights without night terrors (few and far between as we transition from taking a nap)
628.  Hulu (I would never be able to keep up with my shows)
629.  photographs...
630.  a hot cup of coffee
631.  Smoothies

We're DIYing it up 'round here: Bathroom Style...

Thursday, January 24, 2013
I am no Young House Love but I do love me some good DIY and now that I am getting quality sleep again, my daily productivity has improved - yay!  Scott is not so sure because my dad in me starts making lists.  My dad always has a list, if it is not on the list, it ain't gonna get done.  My lists are LONG!  But you know what I put every little thing on like vacuum bedroom, vacuum stairs - you feel more accomplished when you can cross more things off - can I get an amen?  Since I have not been prego in 16 months with no urges of nesting I have let the whole deep cleaning thing go but I am back on the wagon.  I have dusted fans, blinds, walls, baseboards and wiped my fair share of tushes.  And man it feels good...no dust bunnies here for about 15 minutes - oh wait there is already a smushed cracker on the floor...but on to our remodeled lavatories...

We have hated our bathroom since I painted it but it is our bathroom, no one really sees it except us so it went to the bottom of the list.  We had extra kitchen paint - a nice light grey and figured I would use it to paint our bathroom and the kiddos.  A nice neutral -- I could then play off of with whatever I wanted.  I just kept the same shower curtain and decor in the kiddo bathroom.  A unisex kid bathroom that also serves as a guest bath...and you know me not to into themes...my mom is the one to thank for the made with love art...
We did take down those annoying builder grade towel rods and put in the circle kind on the other side of the sink - take up less room, more usable and better for kiddos.  We got them in brushed nickel at the h-to the depot for $10...we got one for both bathrooms.  We use towel hooks behind the door for the large, wrap your body up in kind.

 And now on to our, nice try Erin, but epic fail bathroom before...I am ashamed....
....and the in progress...gone you nasty, ugly puke stripe and annoying towel bar...the only thing that room had going for it (which you cannot really see) is Scott's amazing subway tiling job above the shower - still in love with it...I have a thing for subway tile - don't ask me! (when I read this in 20 years, I will say huh?)
...and on to the finished pinterest inspired finish...I am so in love with these bold prints and our bedroom has hints of that blue.  My sister has the same curtain in green (and yes Ellen I was envious from the moment I saw it).  Enter Christmas gift cards burning a whole in my pocket and voila...
The shelves are from Target and I got the mason jars for cheap at a flea market (I REALLY miss that good ol' lake side market - tear!)  The print is from St. Thomas.  Funny story - I always get art on trips but that cruise I didn't, I picked up a local artist print - get this - at Salvation Army for a buck still in the original wrapping. Cruise ship painted and all - how perfect!  I figured it counted since I WAS there...
I am liking my new bathroom much better....and so does Scott, he doesn't say too much about my decorating but he was a "tad" outspoken about my DIY fail of yesteryear....glad we got that covered up and we are all moving on - still licking my wounds...I will be back with more soon!

A Post about nothing and everything...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
After the hub-bub of the holiday season, I sometimes find it hard to revert back to "normal"blog posts.  January is kind of a "calm" month so to speak with a lot of stay home days, normal routine days and many quiet weekends.  I am not complaining, we are getting LOTS marked off the proverbial "honey do list" (do not feel bad for Scott, ask him, I do 80% of the list - I just leave him the gross and heavy laden work - ha!).  With all that being said, there is not as much to blog about - my kids are still really (I mean really) cute and I could stare at their faces all day but you know...the camera hasn't been as snap happy with the normal day-day stuff but today I pulled it out and just took some pictures of a normal day at our house...being silly, dance parties and well just being cute...so there you have it a blog post about nothing but really everything - because at the end of the day really they are my everything!  Enjoy the silliness and take a moment to bask in my kids adorable-ness (I am not biased at all ;).

Belly laughs and smiles for big brother behind the camera...

Solon now dresses himself (note he is wearing shorts, if we are home, he is in shorts. Also note they are on backwards, he doesn't care if they are inside out or on right and who am I to take away his independence - I have one day to dress him how I want - Sunday - the rest of the week...and he only can wear shorts at home ;)
 Sun glasses are so much fun....
 ...and apparently so are potty chairs...
...this girl can make anything that is not a toy into a toy...
...and one last funny story.  I got her and me dressed this morning and didn't even think that we "matched".  A friend at swimming lessons commented how cute we looked matching, I just laughed and said it was not on purpose (I am not sure she believed me because you know it is not out of my realm) BUT I have always said I dress Vera similar to how I dress!  I don't mean being twinkies with this lil' thang!

Multitude Monday...

Monday, January 21, 2013
591.  Warm January Days (55 on Saturday)
592.  Family Date Night with good friends - thanks Livingston's
593.  Finishing up a long list of Honey-dos (my list was long too!)
594.  Playing games and puzzles with Solon
595.  Rocking my sweet girl and cuddling
596.  Stealing kisses from my babes
597.  Cleaning out and donating stuff
598.  The look of a freshly cleaned stove top (oy vey!)
599.  Downton Abbey
600.  Fountain soda (I know it is not good for you)
601.  Sleep filled nights
602.  No tension headache for a week
603.  rearranging and reorganizing
604.  learning the biblical meanings of love, joy and peace
605.  slippers
606.  sticking to our budget
607.  Little treats like Target pretzels
608.  fresh ideas on dinnertime meals
609.  warm home on freezing days
610.  Pinterest cleaning tips

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  
John 14:27 (NIV)

I love this verse!  I am trying to remember peace is not the absence of trouble but rather the confident assurance that God is with you and will see you through it.  Now if that doesn't make you go hum?  It made me think!

Our "little" trial...

Friday, January 18, 2013
Ah that post title is 2 fold....Our baby girl has been NOT sleeping through the night consistently for the past 2 months (basically since I stopped nursing at 14 months).  We have been giving her whole milk and she loves all things dairy.  We had a pretty crazy December with Cy, sickness, and the holidays and so for a while we just assumed it was stress, sickness, being away from home, etc. but as my sister-in-law pointed out we needed a nice quiet January to eliminate all outside factors and get to the root of the problem.  I am really getting into functional medicine, treating the root cause vs. the symptoms.  Highly fasinating and overwelming at the same time but it really stops and make you think...are we treating the symptoms or is there an underlying problem?  After about the 45th day of not sleeping and listening to our baby scream, she wanted to be held in the night or would scream, like ear piercing, my heart was being ripped out screaming.  AWFUL!  I decided to REALLY pray for God to heal her (yep it only took me 45 days to plead with God).      That night I slept in the closet.  The next morning God placed a friend on my heart and her story of her little girl and how she exhibited the same symptoms as Vera, why hadn't I thought of it before?

I quickly called Kayla that morning and after comparing notes, I was off to Hy-Vee to get some lactose-free milk to see if it would make any difference, along with that we would cut out all cheese, yogurt and anything containing milk....

After just 1 day, that night Vera slept through the night for the 1st time in many, many weeks - HALLELUJAH....what a difference sleep can make.  She has continually improved and her HORRIBLE excema is clearing up nicely.  I hadn't even considered that might be a result of a milk intolerance, go figure.  We are in the throws of figuring out food for this picky, I mean PICKY, eater who loves dairy and trying to give Solon his dairy in private...she doesn't understand why she can't have it...

Luckily facebook has given me opportunity to ask some questions, in addition to some internet research on my part and questions for the chiropractor and doctor.  Apparently dairy intolerances in young kids is not that uncommon - dairy is VERY hard to break down in a little person's gut.  My sister (who knew?) was lactose intolerant until 2.  Both of my kiddos were lactose intolerant at birth but blindly I thought Vera was like Solon and could tolerate it - I am assuming my milk was not as potent and I don't drink milk products in quantities little people do....

Anyway we are on the road to understanding and my peanut, well she is as happy at night as the day now - praise God!

And yep she likes her bling...I got my girlie girl!

A little Wetherbee photo shoot...

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Sometimes in life you just cease opportune moments and my mom's breast cancer was just a wake up call to all of us to value life...so why not get some photos taken!  Our amazing photographer snuck us in on short notice even though she was full the rest of the year...the results are priceless....I am a sucker for a good photo every.single.time!  Now the hard part is which ones to frame....

Sometimes you just have to have a little faith, cease the moment and God will see you through...

Let's Go Cyclones...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Our gracious neighbors (remember our neighbors rock) were at the bowl game in Memphis and offered their 4 tickets to us....um, yes please and thank you!  So we piled in the car and headed up on New Year's Day to cheer on our beloved clones.  We all enjoyed it and even had our innaugural "clone cone" because there is no cotton candy at basketball games, womp womp!  2nd choice - ice cream!  The kids and I also walked around the loop, saw Cy (from a distance, can't get too close to a big scary bird ;) and had a party in the bathroom!  All in all, it was a great day!

 ...and by some miracle, little miss kept her hair bow in for 50% of the game...progress, I tell you, progress!
...and it is just so hard cheering, she fell asleep in daddy's arms...rare, unusual and oh so cute (she slept in my arms through the cold all the way to the car, she was tiiiirrreeedddd!


A few last random pictures from our trip to the C&F...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Okay so is it just me but my camera rocks...look at those beauties...how amazing that each one is slightly different...
My in laws live on the Cedar River, it is beautiful!  Something about a beautiful sunrise over the crisp, sparkling snow...God does know how to paint an awe-inspiring picture!
We had a nice little ashes spreading ceremony and spread Cy's ashes next to Scott's childhood dog Scarlet. She was also a Golden, cut from the same cloth as Cy.  We know they are enjoying getting into all sorts of trouble together.  Cy always loved the woods and would roll over and we would have to carry into the car to leave...she loved it there, seemed fitting she would stay there always!
My kiddos are really into crafts right now...we get into our art cupboard daily so they enjoyed helping hands while we visiting...coloring, playdoh, games, you name it - they will do it all if you are willing!
...and of course a few games were in order...I didn't have as much success, womp womp!
...but Vera certainly helped with her cuteness!

It was a great trip, we will all be back together mid-March when Marty and Dale return from their trip down under.  

Multitude Monday...

Monday, January 14, 2013
This week I am thankful for so much but off the top of my head....

571.  My tension headache has been helped by yoga & chiropractor

572.  Vera slept all night last night (first time in a LONG time)
573.  Sharing my testimony with our bible study - tomorrow is my big day -first day teaching (pray for me ;)
574.  Digging through the freezer and pantry and finding 7 more meals to stretch out our grocery budget
575.  Solon's new "rest time" routine...seems to be helping him sleep better at night
576.  Studying God's word - the Holy Spirit is an amazing gift from God
577.  Organizing the pantry and baskets...I love them!
578.  Sunny days
579.  My kids love to snuggle and I love to snuggle them
580.  Got Solon into preschool...think the routine will work out great for us! Praise God!
581.  Solon's broken glasses are covered by a warranty - no cost to us :)
582.  Chatting with my friends after church, on the phone or by text - love my girlfriends
583.  A great MOPS Friday - always so fun to enjoy some time with other moms to relax
584.  playing games as a family - we are loving our new Go Fish color game! (nightly games are in order)
585.  Healthy version of banana bread - probably not healthy if you eat a whole loaf
586.  Water - there is something to be said for being well hydrated
587.  Learning about nutrition and health - so overwelming but so intriguing at the same time
588.  A good work-out - I forgot how much I LOVE yoga!
589.  Crossing things off the honey-do list
590.  Using gift cards to do a little DIY and decorating (pictures to come!)

 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.
Deuteronomy 6:5

Bowling Fun...

Saturday, January 12, 2013
While we were up in Cedar Falls, we spent one afternoon tearing up the lanes at the local bowling alley.  A few of us "had" to bowl with bumpers (wink!) and some of the more competitive folks used lane #2.  I am first the say my huge thumb holds me back and I am not a great bowler so I opted for the bumpers....Solon still managed to match my score!  He loved his first bowling experience and preferred Daddy helping him.  Scott is so patient and good with him!  He also loved watching the balls come back on the ball return and grooving to the great music with Vera.

Daddy, Papa and Vera (she enjoyed spectating and switching from lap to lap intermixed with dancing and walking down the narrow step way!)
Fascinated about how the ball return works...
Daddy sweetly helping Solon score big - they found a way for Solon to bank off the bumpers and get spares and strikes...engineers, I tell you!
Best of friends (most of the time - wink)
A rare family photo op....
And a group photo of the bowling gang...
...and one more with mommy and her buddy!

What a fun way to spend the afternoon, Solon has already been begging to go back.  That day he also learned what those little candy machines where you insert a quarter do - they deliver candy.  Now everywhere we go, he asks....but it is only for special treats ;).


Friday, January 11, 2013
Nana and Papa have some nice land for sledding...we just have to talk one of the big boys into creating a path (ie going down first and dodging any obstacles).  They only had to move one large tree and then we were set to go.  Vera preferred the cross country type of sledding opposed to downhill...

Papa was a gracious motor...while Solon went ahead and dug out with his new shovel...
A rare mommy photo-bomb...me and my little buddy!
Nana and Vera...
Our little man of adventure...
Uncle Paul and Aunt Angee with Vera (her poor hat slipping over her eyes)
Ready to take the hill by storm (after round 1 with snow in his face and up his leg, he decided he liked to ride behind us)
....and down they went!
Vera was not a fan, one run down was enough for her...

Solon had it the best, rides down and rides up - the rest of us worked off our holiday cookies...that hill was steep and slippery...a good workout and lots of fun!

Christmas Take 2...

Thursday, January 10, 2013
After we hustled my parents out of this joint (just kidding they were ready to go), we finished packing up the car and headed north, over a river, through some woods, a few cornfields and arrived at Nana and Papa's.  Uncle Paul, Aunt Angee and Grandma Olive were already there.  We spent the afternoon exchanging gifts.  Solon loved Christmas "again" and happily opened his many and generous gifts.  A favorite was a Thomas train stop light and Vera enjoyed her little kitchen mixer with working and exchangeable parts.

Us "kids" draw out of a hat and buy for just one of the siblings.  Our kids get gifts from everyone and we all get for Scott's parents.  It is still fun to get a little somethin' somethin'! I got a vacuum (you know you are about to turn 30 when you are excited about that) and Scott got some much needed attire.  Solon especially loved the Hallmark record-able book, it is kind of become a tradition for Nana and Papa to get the kiddos one and Solon's favorite part is the ad-libbing they do...they make great quiet time books, as they read themselves ;)!  

We spent the evening relaxing and watching some football if I recall, I enjoyed sitting back and letting my mother-in-law do her magic in the kitchen while I sat on my tush - nothing like a few days off of kitchen duty to make your heart pitter patter ;)!

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