Solon's Christmas Program...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
I love Christmas programs - I mean I really love them.  What is cuter than a bunch of little kiddos singing their hearts out for Jesus...and Solon sang his little heart out.  At practice that morning, he rand off the stage in fear but I reminded him how mommy just recently asked for God's help in singing a solo on stage and so I prayed for him and what do you know he ran right back there on stage and there was lots of praise following his practice to make sure he was geared up for the performance....
AND In his words, "mommy was so happy she almost cried!"  Yes buddy my heart nearly burst and my face hurt from smiling SO big!  He was a star!  He even sang every verse (we had worked so hard on - the teacher in me even added actions to help him remember).  He smiled once or twice between looking all around and being in awe.

When it was over, he asked to do it again - just like his mama, he loves the stage!
Holding his best bud, Evan's hand.

...and Vera thoroughly loved watching her big brother in perfect little sister fashion...
Bravo Solon - job well done!

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