She caught the travel bug...

There is not a week that doesn't go by that Solon doesn't ask when our next airplane ride will be?  I feel bad we started large and now the poor things are gonna be deprived (insert sarcastic snicker :).  I will say our family loves us some travel and I am glad because I believe some of my most favorite memories are traveling with my family as a kiddo!
We got out this suitcase that has already been down under once and will be again in January - no not us - womp, womp!  But Scott's parents are visiting his sister and needed an extra so we dusted her off and while she hung out in the hallway Vera thought she would take a chance that she could go too by playing peek-a-boo!
All smiles!

Bye Bye!

We are a teeny tiny bit jealous (or maybe A LOT) of their pending trip!  We had a blast!!!