Phone Dump...

There is just something about a field of wind turbines, I find it so cool (Nerd alert ;).  You don't have to look too far on our trip north on I-35...
Solon decorating his tree from Nana, he dresses himself these days and pants are optional at 3!
 My mom and her doctor on graduation day from radiation.
Vera's new Christmas pj's - anyone that knows my mom knows these are PERFECT.
Vera love, love, loves the tree - we have to tell her all the ornaments everyday and she also loves to just sit in her rocking chair and rock...
Solon checking things out with the binoculars at Grandma's - seriously this is one of the kiddos' favorites at Grandmas, when Solon does not have it, Vera has them around her neck.
Meet Cobis, our ornary little elf...he had a little fun with the advent calendar...Cobis was Solon's name idea and it fits him!
A giant box from Amazon, it was Solon sized...that box was a lot of fun for about a week - it was a car, boat, house, and who knows what else before it was demolished...another perk of online shopping, free boxes toys with purchase!
A few weeks ago after Solon's eye appointment, we went to Build-A-Bear for some retail therapy and to build his new bear "Glasses" yep the bear has glasses too!
Trying on some new glasses - these are similar to what he got but a couple sizes too big and his are glow in the dark (thanks to the lovely lady who told Solon ;)
We went to the new Chick Fil-a in WDM the other day...I love their kid meals - we got Franklin books, squeeze pouch apple juices and 1 chicken tender - it was a hit!!!
and of course they have a toddler playland that even Vera could do - she was so proud of herself!
As part of Scott's 30th birthday date we did all things he loves SO we went to an ISU basketball game...and despite my track record of them losing when I go, they won!
And Scott's prize winning ugly Christmas sweater.  My mom made it, isn't it AWESOME.  Yep, it won first prize at his company christmas party and we walked out with some cold hard cash - thanks mom.  I just shipped it to its next tour stop.