Multitude Sunday...

I have to do Multitude Monday early this week so I can take time to honor Scott on his big 3-0 tomorrow...

450.  A great birthday surprise overnight date for Scott's 30th!
451.  My inlaws watching our kiddos while we were away 
452.  Picking out date ideas that HE loves...
453.  A warm day to get a few outside projects done
454.  The holy spirit really gripping my heart about something...just praying for now!
455.  We found Solon a pair of glasses - they are glow in the dark (that is another post!)
456.  A great eye specialist that we trust with great expertise in Solon's condition
457.  A reason to buy birthday cake (one of my FAVORITE desserts)
458.  Our computer was fixed for no charge (thanks to it breaking just 2 weeks before its warranty expired - phew! PTL)
459.  Safety - I think I take this for granted but I am so so thankful for safety in driving, in our home and our community
460.  lazy days at home in comfy clothes
461.  Mission Sunday at church - I love hearing missionaries share their AMAZING stories!  I than3k God for them and am so humbled to partner with them in prayer and more!
462.  Starting new and carrying on old traditions with our family
463.  For the season we are in - celebrating our Savior, a baby that was born to die for me and you!
464.  phone calls and sweet notes of encouragement after Solon's eye appointment last week
465.  an invitation accepted by a friend to an upcoming Christmas party at my house
466.  a loving husband who listens to me even when I have c-r-a-z-y ideas
467.  our restored health - thanks to some medication for Scott and I
468.  coming home from our overnight away to our kiddos - I missed them so much and it was just a night
469.  my voice has returned - I surely missed it!
470.  our home

We sang this song at church today (click here to hear it) and I just love these lyrics...

Take my life and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee.
Take my moments and my days,
Let them flow in endless praise.