Multitude Monday...

I am not gonna lie this fall has been a rollercoaster but I find it so awe-inspiring that God would have me start counting my blessings right before all of it.  See, God does not command us to sing praises only in the good times but in all times.  His blessings never stop flowing sometimes we just have to reset our focus to make sure we don't miss the gratitude.  In the midst of all that has happened this fall, God has taught me so much.  He has chiseled me to be more like him and I am changed.  I have learned empathy, to be thankful in the goodness of others, humility, compassion and I have reflected on how my faith has been my rock.  I have never blamed God or questioned his motives because I know we live in a fallen world, a world that is imperfect, there will be times of sadness and even devestation but one day if we have Jesus in our heart and recognize our sin, we will live in a perfect place with Him.  So in all of those tears I have cried, I have also praised my God not "for" the circumstances but for what the circumstances have taught me and showed me. 

So this week I am so thankful for....

471.  The outpouring of love we have had from our friends and family.  The texts, voicemails, emails, messages and more have meant so much to us and knowing you cared got us through.
472.  A phenomenal Vet who treated Cy with dignity and respect until after she was gone.  I was so impressed, I shared that with them.  They do it everyday but to us it meant the world.
473.  Resting in prayer and God's peace
474.  sadness - for I know that meant my love ran deep for Cy
475.  cherished memories and photos
476.  a great homes of light - we had a great evening and I love to entertain!
477.  A friend's new baby girl and that sweet newborn smell
478.  Starbucks with good friends
479.  My hubby's "crazy" Christmas sweater (my mom made it) that won 1st prize at his company party! No one could believe HE would wear it ;)
480.  A busy, busy weekend that kept our minds off of what was missing
481.  a good healthy report for me from my physical - I am so thankful for my health
482.  SNOW!  And snowmen, snow angels and snowball fights with Hot Chocolate to warm up after
483.  Christmas movies
484.  Overcoming my fear of singing a solo and doing one at our Church Christmas concert (thanks to Laura for helping me out ;)
485.  Being able to use my voice to sing with a band for God - I absolutely love it
486.  An amazing, strong hubby - during weeks like this I am so thankful God perfectly placed him in my life - he knew he was just the person I needed!
487.  Fondue - I think Scott loves it more than me and I introduced him to it
488.  Seeing Christmas through Solon's eyes - everything is SO magical and awe-inspiring!
489.  Thankfor Cy cleaned every scrap and morsel off my floor for 6 years - my house is so full of food crumbs since she has been gone
490.  Having a furry family member - she was my first dog I owned from birth to death and she taught me so much in her life.  I am beyond thankful for her companionship - I miss her in my chores, she used to be RIGHT there beside me all day long.  Nap time is just a little more lonely these days!

I am so thankful to God for my relationship with Him, I have cried out to him a lot lately and I know he holds every tear and hears every word, He knows my heart.  Thanking God for all He does for me.