Multitude Monday: Holiday Edition...

It's New Years Eve 2012, how can that be? I swear the years are just flying by.  It was 11 years ago, Scott and I met and 4 years ago I was just pregnant with Solon and now we are enjoying a quiet night at home in lieu of a big party after a BUSY 12 days of family festivities.  We might even go to bed with the East Coast but then you might call me a nerd (but FYI young kids get up at the same time every single day!).  As we close 2012, I hope this year has brought you many memories and 2013 be filled with anticipation, hopes and dream to be fulfilled.  Here is the holiday edition of what I am most thankful...(I missed 2 weeks so it is long ;)

511.  Snow day!  Scott had no power at work so he came home for the afternoon...
512.  Power during the blizzard (we know so many that lost it)
513.  We are HEALTHY - no small feat after our December but Praise GOD we are healthy!!!
514.  Safety for my parents traveling here despite poor road conditions
515.  Fun time with my family playing games and eating lots of yummy food
516.  Decorating cookies and a gingerbread house and a little someone eating the candies along the way
517.  Swimming at the hotel pool
518.  My parents being being kids themselves
519.  Indoor snow ball fights (my mom got these fake snowballs and they were so fun!!!)
520.  Laughing and giggling with my family about memories/inside jokes
521.  Solon singing along to his favorite Christmas carols at church
522.  Reading the Night Before Christmas and setting out cookies for Santa
523.  Singing Jesus "Happy Birthday"
524.  Driving through Jolly Holiday Lights as family (with my family)
525.  Celebrating my mom's 55th birthday - she deserved it after her year!
526.  Solon and Vera opening presents
527.  Solon's excitement over his most desired present - his Thomas Roundhouse
528.  Vera's love for grandparents (and especially Aunt Ellen - she was attached)
529.  a wonderful Christmas eve church service
530.  spending many days in comfy clothes as a family
531.  Solon IS wearing his new glasses
532.  so many presents we wanted - we were blessed beyond measure
533.  Surprising my hubby and him surprising me with a little gift
534.  Safety as we traveled to Cedar Falls
535.  Fun with Scott's family
536.  A beautiful day to spread Cy's ashes in Papa's woods
537.  Sledding fun at Nana and Papa's
538.  A little post-Christmas shopping deals ;)
539.  relaxing just our family for a few days at home
540.  stuff in the freezer so I don't have to go to the grocery store.
541.  our own beds
542.  sleeping in
543.  Christmas cards from family and friends
544.  Scratch cupcakes - yum
545.  memories that are made when we are with family
546. Skype dates to Australia
547.  my kiddo's imaginations (I just love watching them play and listening to Solon)
548.  The quiet moments when my kiddos play nicely together
549. Vera trying to squeeze into her dolly's highchair and cradle
550.  Our savior's birth and what He was sent to Earth to do

Wishing you a blessed 2013...I don't do New Years resolutions but I do pledge to continue counting my blessings and updating this little ol' blog.  This year has been filled with many ups, a few downs and an abundance of sweet memories.  God is faithful all the while!

Much Love,