Getting our Christmas kid craft on..

Okay so I feel great guilt that I don't do more holiday-themed crafts with my kids - I love crafting but I just have not been on the ball (well with sickness looming on every corner...) but when I spotted these little mints on sale for 50 cents a bag at our local gas station, I picked up a bag.  I hadn't actually pinned the idea but I did see it on pinterest and figured it would be a perfect mommy-solon craft project...I cut the wrappers open, he undid them and placed them on the tray and then in my type-A personality I replaced them (no in actuality they had to be like that).

Then we place it in the oven and Solon scampered off to play...sitting still for 8 minutes was not on his agenda...
...and I let it go one minute too long, they go from solid to melted in like 2 seconds (total cook time at 325 for 8 minutes) but still...
I used a spatula immediately after pulling it out to make it a better shape...
Then we let it cool and voila we have a little cookie plate for Christmas - Solon really just wants to eat it and who knows I might let him - why not?
We do have a couple more crafting/baking items on the agenda -
1.  Building a gingerbread house
2. decorating sugar cookies with Grandma and Auntie Ellen
3.  Delivering dog treats to the neighbor dogs
4.  drinking hot cocoa
5.  playing in the snow
6. playing with snow in the bathtub
Maybe the list will grow, who knows?!