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A Visit to Lakeville...

Thursday, December 13, 2012
So on our Thanksgiving midwestern road trip, we stopped by my Aunt Chris's house in Lakeville.  Scott and the guys were at the game at ISU (he drove down with his dad and home with mine) SO I packed up the kiddos, Cy and myself up and headed up.  Cy enjoyed their backyard and we all hung out and had a YUMMY dinner thanks to my Aunt Chris.  My grandma gave the kiddos their Christmas gifts - a doctor kit and leapfrog dog.  They love them both!  Grandma even taught them how to put a bow on their heads...

Casen wrestled and played cars, he was such a good sport...

And by a Christmas miracle, we got a picture with the kiddos and my grandma...Vera is at that age where she is not too sure of new people and has been known to give the stink eye.  Luckily I just placed her on Grandma's lap, she was tired and Grandma had the magic touch! Wahoo!

We didn't last long before the kiddos started turning into pumpkins and we made the 45 minute trip through the city to my parents place!
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