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A little present opening...

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Let me start out by saying my children are blessed with many, many people that love them.  So at Christmas they receive gifts from lots of loving people.  It can be a little overwelming so Scott and I talked and decided that if a gift was mailed and arrived early we would let them open one a day.  We haven't gotten too many early but it has been so fun and it has allowed the kiddos to really enjoy and appreciate what they have received.  My sister Ellen's gift was books wrapped up with a date to open throughout the month of December - the kids have absolutely loved that too!
So when my Aunt Carol sent greetings and presents from TN and the UPS guy rang the doorbell, Solon was ecstatic....he loves when new boxes, er I mean toys, arrive at our door.  But when he found out there were presents inside for him there were loud shouts of hooray heard throughout the city streets.
...and my Aunt Carol nailed it - he is so into puzzles and trains right now - so I mean an alphabet train puzzle was per-fect!  He was thrilled...we got ride to building...
...and then it was Vera's turn...
...a purse with a phone (yep she knows how to talk into that), and some other fun "girly" stuff - the girl loves that kind of stuff...she will walk around with her purses and necklaces on and play with that stuff for hours (well more like many minutes ;).
...and the train puzzle is started!
...and well money tastes good, real good!  What a goof ball...
Thanks Taylor Family for your very thoughtful and generous gifts - they were perfect!!!!

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