30 Things I love about Scott on the big 3-0...

It is my amazing, fabulous, more than I deserve or asked for hubby's birthday today so in honor of all things him, please bear through this post...you might need a towel from all the sap flowing on this one folks....but I find it super important to tell people how you feel and God made me ooey-gooey so I go with it...these are in no particular order as I have little ones on my ankles as I type!
1.  Scott is an amazing father.  Our kiddos L.O.V.E him and why wouldn't they, he is a big kid with them, gets down on their level, is hilarious, loves to do what they are doing and will come up with the coolest things for them to do together.
2.  He is a great provider - going to work everyday to provide a steady income so I can be home and raise our kiddos. I don't thank him enough for this privledge - THANKS HUNNY!
3.  He does the gross jobs around the house - like changing filters, vaccuum the car (you know that is a gross job if you have small children), deal with mice and other uninvited insects...
4.  He is not afraid to step in and take over to give me a break - he has it under control.
5.  He will carry my purse, used to drive a bug and he doesn't have to be "manly" to define his manhood.  He is sure of himself and I love that about him - he will wear a necklace and have tea with Vera if she wants. 
6.  He is hilarious and has a contagious smile and laugh...
7.  He is a thinker, ponderer, and Mr. Steady - a great compliment to my not so pondering personality
8.  He is handsome and the other word that rhymes with bexy! (who cares what you think, he is off the market anyway!)
9.  He is laid back - nothing really ruffles his feathers
10.  He doesn't think I am crazy town, even though sometimes I am ;)
11.  He loves the Lord and takes time to be with Jesus daily
12.  He is a good friend
13.  He is humble - something I find so attractive about him - he doesn't need the attention even when he deserves it
14.  He loves us unconditionally
15.  He has strong beliefs but he would never bully his opinions on to you
16.  He takes his turn changing dirty diapers
17. He is not afraid to shake his groove thing with us for family dance parties
18.  He is patient (SO patient...I say it again PATIENT)
19.  He loves chocolate and dessert
20.  He eats ALL of my cooking and compliments it even when it is not deserving 

21. He loves to travel and go on fun adventures as a family
22. He loves to be with us, just us!
23. He has stay home days - this is from Solon!
24.  He kisses boo-boos and wipes away tears
25.  He prays for us and with us
26.  He makes us his first priority in all of his actions and words
27.  He has beautiful, joyful eyes
28.  He is a great son, son-in-law, and brother (in-law too!)
29.  He is passionate about sports and loves reffing
30.  He is mine! 
I am BEYOND blessed (might not be a strong enough word) to have him as my husband.  I so didn't realize just how much I got when he asked me to marry him.  I took him for granted when we dated but I thank God so much for him and how much God gifted me with him! 
I love you Scott more than you will know and I hope this year brings you many bleessings...we are all doing a little celebratory booty dance for you as I finish typing....Happy Birthday to the best dad and soul mate around - who needs the lottery, when we already have the mack daddy of prizes!!!

Happy 3-0 from your much younger wife **wink!