Multitude Monday: Holiday Edition...

Monday, December 31, 2012
It's New Years Eve 2012, how can that be? I swear the years are just flying by.  It was 11 years ago, Scott and I met and 4 years ago I was just pregnant with Solon and now we are enjoying a quiet night at home in lieu of a big party after a BUSY 12 days of family festivities.  We might even go to bed with the East Coast but then you might call me a nerd (but FYI young kids get up at the same time every single day!).  As we close 2012, I hope this year has brought you many memories and 2013 be filled with anticipation, hopes and dream to be fulfilled.  Here is the holiday edition of what I am most thankful...(I missed 2 weeks so it is long ;)

511.  Snow day!  Scott had no power at work so he came home for the afternoon...
512.  Power during the blizzard (we know so many that lost it)
513.  We are HEALTHY - no small feat after our December but Praise GOD we are healthy!!!
514.  Safety for my parents traveling here despite poor road conditions
515.  Fun time with my family playing games and eating lots of yummy food
516.  Decorating cookies and a gingerbread house and a little someone eating the candies along the way
517.  Swimming at the hotel pool
518.  My parents being being kids themselves
519.  Indoor snow ball fights (my mom got these fake snowballs and they were so fun!!!)
520.  Laughing and giggling with my family about memories/inside jokes
521.  Solon singing along to his favorite Christmas carols at church
522.  Reading the Night Before Christmas and setting out cookies for Santa
523.  Singing Jesus "Happy Birthday"
524.  Driving through Jolly Holiday Lights as family (with my family)
525.  Celebrating my mom's 55th birthday - she deserved it after her year!
526.  Solon and Vera opening presents
527.  Solon's excitement over his most desired present - his Thomas Roundhouse
528.  Vera's love for grandparents (and especially Aunt Ellen - she was attached)
529.  a wonderful Christmas eve church service
530.  spending many days in comfy clothes as a family
531.  Solon IS wearing his new glasses
532.  so many presents we wanted - we were blessed beyond measure
533.  Surprising my hubby and him surprising me with a little gift
534.  Safety as we traveled to Cedar Falls
535.  Fun with Scott's family
536.  A beautiful day to spread Cy's ashes in Papa's woods
537.  Sledding fun at Nana and Papa's
538.  A little post-Christmas shopping deals ;)
539.  relaxing just our family for a few days at home
540.  stuff in the freezer so I don't have to go to the grocery store.
541.  our own beds
542.  sleeping in
543.  Christmas cards from family and friends
544.  Scratch cupcakes - yum
545.  memories that are made when we are with family
546. Skype dates to Australia
547.  my kiddo's imaginations (I just love watching them play and listening to Solon)
548.  The quiet moments when my kiddos play nicely together
549. Vera trying to squeeze into her dolly's highchair and cradle
550.  Our savior's birth and what He was sent to Earth to do

Wishing you a blessed 2013...I don't do New Years resolutions but I do pledge to continue counting my blessings and updating this little ol' blog.  This year has been filled with many ups, a few downs and an abundance of sweet memories.  God is faithful all the while!

Much Love,

Merry Christmas...

Monday, December 24, 2012
We are blessed and humbled by our Savior's birth...I am sure you have read/heard the story many times, but did you know that baby grew up, died on a cross and rose again for you?  He died for all the sin in your life, no matter how big or small - we all have it.  But when you ask for forgiveness of that sin and recognize He died for you - you can have everlasting life with Him.  It is of eternal consequence which is why I share it with you.  Ask Him into your heart and know for sure where you will spend eternity!
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16
We are blessed beyond what we deserve and are so thankful that my family could spend the holiday with us...we will be up early I am sure seeing what Santa brought us, blowing out the candles on Jesus's birthday cake and filling up on our traditional Wetherbee Christmas meal of raclette and fondue.  May your Christmas be merry and bright.
Christmas 2012
And just for fun...look what a difference a year makes...
Christmas 2011
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Wishing you and yours nothing but the best and the warmth of a Savior's love!
Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!
2 Cor. 9:15

Getting our Christmas kid craft on..

Sunday, December 23, 2012
Okay so I feel great guilt that I don't do more holiday-themed crafts with my kids - I love crafting but I just have not been on the ball (well with sickness looming on every corner...) but when I spotted these little mints on sale for 50 cents a bag at our local gas station, I picked up a bag.  I hadn't actually pinned the idea but I did see it on pinterest and figured it would be a perfect mommy-solon craft project...I cut the wrappers open, he undid them and placed them on the tray and then in my type-A personality I replaced them (no in actuality they had to be like that).

Then we place it in the oven and Solon scampered off to play...sitting still for 8 minutes was not on his agenda...
...and I let it go one minute too long, they go from solid to melted in like 2 seconds (total cook time at 325 for 8 minutes) but still...
I used a spatula immediately after pulling it out to make it a better shape...
Then we let it cool and voila we have a little cookie plate for Christmas - Solon really just wants to eat it and who knows I might let him - why not?
We do have a couple more crafting/baking items on the agenda -
1.  Building a gingerbread house
2. decorating sugar cookies with Grandma and Auntie Ellen
3.  Delivering dog treats to the neighbor dogs
4.  drinking hot cocoa
5.  playing in the snow
6. playing with snow in the bathtub
Maybe the list will grow, who knows?!

A little present opening...

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Let me start out by saying my children are blessed with many, many people that love them.  So at Christmas they receive gifts from lots of loving people.  It can be a little overwelming so Scott and I talked and decided that if a gift was mailed and arrived early we would let them open one a day.  We haven't gotten too many early but it has been so fun and it has allowed the kiddos to really enjoy and appreciate what they have received.  My sister Ellen's gift was books wrapped up with a date to open throughout the month of December - the kids have absolutely loved that too!
So when my Aunt Carol sent greetings and presents from TN and the UPS guy rang the doorbell, Solon was ecstatic....he loves when new boxes, er I mean toys, arrive at our door.  But when he found out there were presents inside for him there were loud shouts of hooray heard throughout the city streets.
...and my Aunt Carol nailed it - he is so into puzzles and trains right now - so I mean an alphabet train puzzle was per-fect!  He was thrilled...we got ride to building...
...and then it was Vera's turn...
...a purse with a phone (yep she knows how to talk into that), and some other fun "girly" stuff - the girl loves that kind of stuff...she will walk around with her purses and necklaces on and play with that stuff for hours (well more like many minutes ;).
...and the train puzzle is started!
...and well money tastes good, real good!  What a goof ball...
Thanks Taylor Family for your very thoughtful and generous gifts - they were perfect!!!!

Playing in the curtains...

Friday, December 21, 2012
I knew the day would come that they would find the curtains...
...and it provided many belly laughs one evening after dinner...
One would hide, the other find them - both would hide, Scott would find them...
...and everyone was bent over from laughing so hard - their giggles are contagious!

Our First "Snow"...

Thursday, December 20, 2012
As I type this we are under a blizzard warning so these pictures make me laugh because we got a "dusting" of snow but enough to have fun in.  Poor Solon has never really played in snow because the only snow storm we got last winter was the day we left for Australia #whataretheodds.  So he has been SO pumped for snow this year.  I was not prepared and had to dig out of all the snow equipment and his boots are a little on the snug side but he is finally old enough to carry the weight on his feet ;).  Vera was napping that morning after church, otherwise she would have been sqwuaking to get out there too...
Ready to hit up the snow...

First up a snow man - we have been reading lots of books about snowmen so Solon knew just what he wanted to use for each part (unfortunately we didn't have any coal so he opted for rocks :)  He got sticks from the side yard for arms, a carrot nose and a stick mouth...
Ta do - a nice snowman (perfect snow packing kind of snow)
Next up snow angels...
...and a trip down the snowy slide - woah that was fast...see how far he was going in the grass from momentum...
Solon can't wait to help shovel (I am wondering if the enthusiasm will carry into his teenage years) and of course go sledding - although we live in Iowa so we will have to look long and hard for a sloped hill...:)
Snow is more fun through the eyes of a child!

Solon's Christmas Program...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
I love Christmas programs - I mean I really love them.  What is cuter than a bunch of little kiddos singing their hearts out for Jesus...and Solon sang his little heart out.  At practice that morning, he rand off the stage in fear but I reminded him how mommy just recently asked for God's help in singing a solo on stage and so I prayed for him and what do you know he ran right back there on stage and there was lots of praise following his practice to make sure he was geared up for the performance....
AND In his words, "mommy was so happy she almost cried!"  Yes buddy my heart nearly burst and my face hurt from smiling SO big!  He was a star!  He even sang every verse (we had worked so hard on - the teacher in me even added actions to help him remember).  He smiled once or twice between looking all around and being in awe.

When it was over, he asked to do it again - just like his mama, he loves the stage!
Holding his best bud, Evan's hand.

...and Vera thoroughly loved watching her big brother in perfect little sister fashion...
Bravo Solon - job well done!

Phone Dump...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
There is just something about a field of wind turbines, I find it so cool (Nerd alert ;).  You don't have to look too far on our trip north on I-35...
Solon decorating his tree from Nana, he dresses himself these days and pants are optional at 3!
 My mom and her doctor on graduation day from radiation.
Vera's new Christmas pj's - anyone that knows my mom knows these are PERFECT.
Vera love, love, loves the tree - we have to tell her all the ornaments everyday and she also loves to just sit in her rocking chair and rock...
Solon checking things out with the binoculars at Grandma's - seriously this is one of the kiddos' favorites at Grandmas, when Solon does not have it, Vera has them around her neck.
Meet Cobis, our ornary little elf...he had a little fun with the advent calendar...Cobis was Solon's name idea and it fits him!
A giant box from Amazon, it was Solon sized...that box was a lot of fun for about a week - it was a car, boat, house, and who knows what else before it was demolished...another perk of online shopping, free boxes toys with purchase!
A few weeks ago after Solon's eye appointment, we went to Build-A-Bear for some retail therapy and to build his new bear "Glasses" yep the bear has glasses too!
Trying on some new glasses - these are similar to what he got but a couple sizes too big and his are glow in the dark (thanks to the lovely lady who told Solon ;)
We went to the new Chick Fil-a in WDM the other day...I love their kid meals - we got Franklin books, squeeze pouch apple juices and 1 chicken tender - it was a hit!!!
and of course they have a toddler playland that even Vera could do - she was so proud of herself!
As part of Scott's 30th birthday date we did all things he loves SO we went to an ISU basketball game...and despite my track record of them losing when I go, they won!
And Scott's prize winning ugly Christmas sweater.  My mom made it, isn't it AWESOME.  Yep, it won first prize at his company christmas party and we walked out with some cold hard cash - thanks mom.  I just shipped it to its next tour stop.

Multitude Monday...

Monday, December 17, 2012
After last can I not count the rest of the way to 1000 just this week alone.  After weeks like the last one, you realize just how much you have to be thankful for even in the messiness of life.  Our sermon at church this week talked about dealing with tragedies.  We may never know "why" things happen while we are still on Earth but the thing is we can't blame God, it is not His fault, all will be revealed to us in His timing.  He is still on His throne and I know he is busily holding the inconsolable and wiping every tear away because he loves us more than we will ever understand.

Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.
Psalm 55:22a
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalm 34:18
I hold to those promises and pray them over the familes grieving yet today, may His presence be made known to them and may He carry them through when they can't go it alone.
Counting my blessings today because HE has richly blessed me beyond what I deserve...
491.  My children - I have taken a little longer snuggling them this week - they are the best gifts God could gift me!
492.  Can't forget my hubby - who was my wrapping buddy, helped me deep clean and loves me even in my crabby paranoidness
493.  Antibiotics and nebulizer for Solon - he is on the mend FINALLY I think after being sick since the week before Thanksgiving...
494.  Amazing neighbors who blessed us with a beautiful Isabel Bloom dog statue in honor of Cy
495. Christmas cards - we have such beautful and photogenic friends (it is true!) and I love reading what is new in their lives!
496.  A quiet weekend at home to enjoy family time
497.  Our basement and family room are cleared of furniture - it is amazing what kiddos can do in unconfined space.
498.  I am DONE Christmas shopping
499.  Online shopping
500.  Halfway to 1000 blessings -The Lord has blessed me SO much!!
501.  Sisters in Christ who encourage me when I am having a bad week
502.  Solon singing his little heart out at the Church pageant - my heart nearly burst with pride
503.  A fun night out for the MOPS cookie exchange and all the yummy cookies
504.  the funny things my kiddos do...they never cease to make me laugh (among other things ;)
505.  God - I am so thankful I know Him especially during tragedies
506.  Prayer
507.  Driving around to see Christmas lights as a family
508.  getting our carpets cleaned
509.  We are all on the mend - praying the sickness subsides
510.  My mom - she is amazing - her birthday is Wednesday!!! We love you SO much!
I generally don't include photos on Multitude Monday but I am just really counting my blessings this week and holding my babes close and my hubby too!!!

Little Miss is 15 Months...

Sunday, December 16, 2012
I thought I would start out the 15 month recap with the many faces of our little lady...
MOM! Stop taking pictures of me....
...I am getting seriously mad here...
Okay now I am getting happy because I had a snack and some milk...
...and now I have a dirty mug which mom can't keep clean!
Little Miss Vera is 15 months old and what she is in height/weight, she makes up for in personality.  She is a peanut with a zest for life.  She is lovable, sweet, opinionated and funny as can be.  She is still changing so much monthly, I thought it would be good to do a report now that we just 3 months past numero #1.  Shall we see what little Lady is up to at this point?....
  • She is cutting her molars and now has 6 teeth (2 on top and 4 on the bottom)
  • She weighs in at 19 lbs (19th percentile) and is 30 inches tall (32nd percentile) - yes we have ourselves a stringbean peanut
  • She wears mostly 12 month clothes and 12-18 month clothes, most 18 month stuff still swims on her.
  • She wears a size 3 shoe, I put some 4's on her but they are BIG!
  • She loves the Christmas tree and pointing and saying "dat" (aka that) and then we have to tell her what it is...she especially loves a tiger ornament (Scott's HS mascot) and then roars in response.
  • She loves the rocking chair
  • She is ATTACHED to her blanket like drags it around everywhere with her.  She also equally loves her pacis - I am always on the hunt for them and trying to sanitize them constantly.
  • She is starting to watch more TV when big bro is but only for short spurts.
  • She loves to play on her own and dig through the toy baskets in the family room.
  • She loves to wear necklaces and carry around purses and also loves to take everything out of my purse.
  • She loves to dance and thinks her brother is the funniest thing EVER.
  • We have to rub her down with coconut oil 2-3 times per day for her bad exzema, Solon has outgrown his so we know she will too.
  • She is kind of picky these days - there is no shoving food into her mouth - if she isn't gonna eat it, she isn't gonna eat it.  I am not a short order chef, so she eats it if she is hungry.
  • She loves anything mexican (what is it with my kids and mexican food?!), pancakes, yogurt, fruit (except bananas), crackers, goldfish, hotdogs, ground beef, mashed potatoes and most casseroles and mac n'cheese best - she tolertaes the rest and hates veggies.
  • She is doing so well drinking whole milk and weaned at 14 months.  She was just done one day.  She still takes a nightly bottle before bed (helps her to sleep through).
  • She is still a light sleeper, anything will wake her up so we have 2 big fans upstairs to keep the noise down.
  • She loves to share her food and feed you.
  • She loves to play in her house, with the food, in the cozy coupe car, and get in her brother's business ;).
  • She is a lovey and will randomly want to be held, hugged or cuddled - I don't mind at all.
  • She is busy and always into everything she shouldn't be and being a 2nd child, she gets into stuff just a little more than her brother since my eyes are divided - I am pretty sure she knows this too!
  • She does great in the nursery at gym and church as long as we are all healthy which is rare these days.
  • She prefers mommy and can be sensitive at times.
  • She loves her little tutus and shoes - we are working on the hair accessories.
She is a sweetie and she brings so much to delight to us every day.  The world is a better place because she is in it and we love her more than she will ever know.  She is growing up so fast but she is fun to watch and I am so glad I get to be her mommy.  We love you Miss V!

Just being her cute silly self!

Where is Vera?...

Our little lady likes small spaces...she is always climbing into something and hanging just cracks me up most days.  Lately she really likes the little box holes in our family room console.
Note she is using the stable as a step stool...
...and boxes, laundry baskets, toy bins, etc.  Really nothing is too small - she will try to get her tush in it ;).  Baby girl you make me laugh!

Bass Pro Shop Santa 2012...

Saturday, December 15, 2012
Scott's parents graciously said YES! when I asked them to watch the kiddos overnight for Scott's birthday date.  When we returned home, we had planned to go with them to Bass Pro Shop and out to dinner before they headed home.  It has kind of become a tradition to go with them to see Santa there.  I seriously have a hard time seeing Santa anywhere else when they have time cards, an organized short line based on time and a free photo.  There is so much to do while you wait at the store and I am 99.9% sure they make some serious moolah that makes the free photo pennies for them!  First stop at the "indoor zoo" according to Solon was the giant fish tank!

The catfish was really liking them, Vera would get a little nervous each time he swam around.
Next stop the ice fishing houses.  We even practiced...
This year they added a carousel complete with outdoor-type animals...Solon rode a bear.  It was so cute but we had to sign a waiver, never have signed a waiver for a carousel before #random.  The kiddos loved it and the guys were glad it was over so their bellies could settle down ;).
We had to check out the giant Polar Express train...Solon thought that was cool, too bad his list is already in for the year.
And a quick photo with Nana and Papa by the tree!
We had a great time!  Thanks Nana and Papa for joining us again this year and the yummy dinner at Scott's favorite - "Jethro's BBQ".
I just love all the fun Christmas activities and all the memories made along the way - it is what it is all about for me - family and fun!

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