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Trick or Treating...

Friday, November 2, 2012
There are a couple things about trick or treating in Central Iowa that are a little "tricky"...#1 we do not trick or treat on Halloween (it is too dangerous....) and #2 you are supposed to tell a joke to get candy.  There is a whole newspaper article on these traditions every year.  I will say the jokes can be funnny...we had a good crowd this year despite being on a dead end and for the most part all of the kiddos were polite!  Solon's joke was "Where do ghosts go on halloween? Mali-BOO!"  and Grandma taught him "trick or treat, smell my feet give me something good to eat" which he got good at, at home...he barely was audible with the thank you - which is what we expected ;0)!  Vera totally got into it and invited herself into a few homes before we scooped her up.  She put every candy into her "purse" all by herself.  Solon quickly decided he could no longer wait to eat his candy so we only made it around the block before heading home.  Our neighbors give out good candy ;)!

Look at his tippy toes...

We decided to "trick" Grandma and trick or treat at our house - she came down to hand out candy and see the kiddos in their costumes - she loved it, just look at that joy on her face ;)!

Even though this shot was blurry I had to include it for memory sake....she was crying, not because she was not having fun, but because she thought they were trying to steal her candy!  HA!

Her first taste of she is addicted, whenever she sees the basket come out, she sqwaks...

...and Solon approves too!

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