Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Have I ever told you how much I love, love, love Christmas.  Not only the decorations, the traditions, the gatherings of family and friends, good music but it is also most importantly the birth of our Savior
This post is about our Christmas tree decorating party...this year Scott and Solon set up the tree (it is like the easiest thing to put together - it comes in 3 parts - easy as 1 -2 -3.)  Then I fluff and wrap the ribbon during nap time and then after dinner we turn on some good Christmas tunes nice and loud, break out the egg nog, don some new Christmas PJ's for the kiddos and get to singin', dancin' and decoratin' the tree.  I remember many years of decorating with my family as does Scott.  The crazy music/dancing is my contributition and the egg nog - Scott's.  I love how our two childhoods come together to make our very own tradition with our family!  Solon ABSOLUTELY loves looking at all the ornaments, finding his and placing on the tree - he was a little less than thrilled with Vera's undecorating **wink!  She was all over the place so sadly I didn't get a picture of her in her too cute for words red polka dot Santa PJ's.
Solon got to place the first ornament this year...wearing his "fancy PJ's" as Scott calls them!  They remind me of Clark Griswold PJ's ;)
...and our finished tree!  We have no theme.  Growing up, Scott and I each received an ornament every year.  We have carried on that same tradition with our kiddos and so our tree is fully of many memories!  I think it might just be the most beautiful tree around ;)!
Now Let the Christmas Season commence...many more tradition oversharing to come!  I know you can't wait!