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My Pie Sous-Chefs...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Our contribution to the Thanksgiving feast are the desserts...our usuals include apple pie, pumpkin pie and Scott's 4-H award winning chocolate-pecan pie (so rich but so yummy)...In order to get all the pies done, we have to make the pumpkin pies during the day...the other two Scott mostly makes with Solon's help!  I love the picture above because this is how cooking with our dog Cy goes - she is better than a vacuum any day of the week...She sits right under us and licks up any spills!  Vera (as seen below) even likes to get in on the acction and give us a heart attack as she climbs the step stool.  She is EVEN more curious than her brother and wants to be "BIG" just like him...
...and yes Cy has Vera's number, she likes to share often and generously with Cy...there are no complaints from Cy!
Besides the little faux pas and billowing smoke from our apple pie drippings, the pies turned out...good thing it was 60 degrees so we could air out the house - so much for a nice freshly-baked pie smell...Martha Stewart we are not!
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