Multitude Monday....

429.  A safe trip to Cedar Falls and Waconia
430.  Grandparents who LOVE on our grandchildren
431. Seeing 2 great-grandmas, my aunt Chris and extended family in 4 short days
432.  I was off kitchen duty for 4 blissful days
433.  The country and lake air was good for Cy
434.  My mom and dad took both  kiddos in their room so I could sleep
435.  My sister Ellen is such a doll with my kiddos
436.  An amazing memory maker at Macy's downtown Minneapolis Santa village (I may have teared up from the moment)
437.  A great dinner out celebrating my moms victory over cancer!!!!!
438.  A fun shopping date with my mama and sister
439.   The kids are healthy again (maybe next week I can say the same for Scott and I)
440.  Our techie neighbor who helped us with our computer
441.  A yummy thanksgiving feast by mom-in-law
442.  Not burning the house down while making pies
443.  The beautiful warm weather last week so we could hike in papas woods
444. Papa playing "balls" with Solon on their pool table
445.  My dad golfing with Solon on the green in 30 degree weather
446.  My new fun dress a d yellow coat!  Thanks mom....
447.  Solon belting out his favorite tunes for the target checkout lady
448.  Getting to know the target employees....we have a class act here!!
449.  Friends who have had 2 healthy twins despite what doctors told them in utero....God can still do our impossible.... Nothing is too hard for him!!!

I hope my computer and I are on the mend soon!!!