Multitude Monday...

409.  Having the excuse to sing Christmas songs as I practice for the Christmas concert at our church
410.  Putting up the Christmas tree as a family and our egg nog drinking tradition while we all decorated (and Vera undecorated ;)
411.  Watching my son and Scott play the Wii together
412.  Solon and Vera tackling and wrestling
413.  Vera running to Solon after he slept in and giving him a big hug and how he hugged her in response - melt my mommy heart
414.  A quiet weekend at home (PJs for half the day or all day if you are our children)
415.  Going to West Des Moines to the tree lighting (we have gone 5 of the last 6 years)
416.  Good deals
417.  Australian coffee
418.  A Target date with my best girl (teach them young about mom-daughter shopping dates!)
419.  Solon is on the mend after a NASTY case of croup
420.  SLEEP (see #419)
421.  A Cyclone win and going to a bowl game
422.  All God continues to teach me and praying BIG prayers
423.  My mom finished radiation for her breast cancer
424.  Planning for the holidays - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year
425.  A fun playdate at the Playground for Kids and the good nap that followed
426.  Completing some DIY projects around the house
427.  Spotify - our favorite songs just 1 click away
428.  humidifiers