Multitude Monday....

388.  75 degree weather in November
389.  Date night with my husband
390.  Sushi again after a hiatus for pregnancy and nursing - Sakari on Ingersoll was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
391.  Christmas shopping with my hubby
392.  Cleaning out for a good cause - our church is doing a free clothing giveaway on Friday!
393.  A great babysitter who knows the drill and loves our kiddos
394.  Grabbing Christmas books at the library
395.  Pine tree smelling candle (called Mistletoe - much cuter name than "pine tree")
396.  Christmas music on the radio
397.  Celebrating our friends' daughter's birthday
398.  Bounce houses - they wear my kiddos out ;)
399.  Playing games with Solon
400.  phone calls from Australia (**wink)
401.  Online shopping and packages arriving
402.  Holding a newborn baby (Little Miss Evelyn is a cutie and so tiny!)
403.  Teeny tiny pony tails in Miss Vera's hair
404.  Frilly dresses and Vera twirling in them
405.  Solon's imaginary friends Isaac and Evan (who happen to be his real-life friends) and how he plays, chases and tackles them
406.  our family adventures - checking out the new houses in the neighborhood and Solon & Scott rescuing some large kids balls in the  corn field
407.  Operation Christmas Child - filling a box and thinking about the child who receives it
408.  Our Armed  Forces and their sacrifice for our freedom.  It is a family sacrifice and I thank them! 

"Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves, do as it says." James 1:22
God has been convicting me to do as Christ commands, put what I am learning into practice and apply it to my heart, attitude and life!  After all, it is the very least I can do to thank Him for my many blessings and the blessing of eternal life in Him!