Multitude Monday...

368.  My health and thankful the 24 hour flu is just that 24 glad to be on the mend (a weight loss plan I would not recommend)
369.  My inlaws came and "tailgated" at our house
370. Answered prayers - I don't think I can say this ENOUGH!
371.  The opportunity to voice my opinion tomorrow at the polls and vote - thankful we live in a free country and that we serve an almighty God.
372.  leading worship at church
373. a supportive hubby who took care of the kiddos and house while I was sick
374.  sweet notes from friends that are so encouraging
375.  finding good deals for the holidays
376.  A chance to get some crafting projects completed
377.  laid back kiddos who were lazy with me today in our PJ's all day
378.  family movie night (we watched a Madagascar Christmas special on Netflix)
379.  Comming home to find Scott and Solon busting a move with our record player
380.  Cy continues to improve daily
381.  Vera's "talking"
382.  great bible study and good application in my heart
383.  being on the same page with my husband and his leading of our home
384.  blogging - it is so fun to look back over the last few years....
385.  little arms reaching out for me
386.  Solon's rapping song (it goes like this boom boom cha I love mommy, I love daddy, boom boom cha)
387.  the opportunity to pray and say goodbye to friends that have meant so much to us as they move to MN to start their next chapter.

Our pastor shared this with us this weekend and I thought I would share....

Prayer is our steering wheel, not our spare tire.
Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. 
John 16:24
Remember God hears our prayers!