Mommy-Solon Date...

As our kiddos are getting older, I am trying to find more time to do special things one on one with each of them.  I knew (from teaching) that CY Stephens (at ISU) and the Civic Center (In DSM) have kids series they put on for schools and families alike.  They are generally during the day and are VERY affordable (like $4 a ticket!).  I decided I would test the waters and see if it was something Solon would like and asked Marty (Scott's mom) to babysit Vera.  We went to see Clifford the Big Red Dog up at CY Stephens and since we were not in a group, we got to sit in the front row.  WHOA, I have never sat in the front row!   Solon was a little overwelmed at first, not sure if it was the mass amounts of noisy children, the loudness of the audio system or the kid getting stuck in the chair behind us (yes it really happened).  But after the performance, I asked what he thought and he said, "It was awesome, can we do it again!".  Of course my heart was filled and was so happy to spend a little time just one on one with my little guy.

After the performance (about 1 hour long) we went to eat at Hickory Park and we even had dessert and I let him pick out of the penny candy wall (more lke 5 cent candy!).  We both had a great time!  I hope to have a few more special dates with him before he starts preschool (cue the tears at the thought ;).

What a special boy God blessed me with!  He was excited to get home to Nana (he was a little stressled leaving her because she is so much fun too!).  Vera and Nana enjoyed their special time too!