Happy Thanksgiving...

Today I am overflowing with gratitude. 

Gratitude to my savior and the giver of Eternal life. 

Gratitude for my husband, my children, my family and my friends.

I have been counting my blessings for a few months now to constantly reflect on how God has truly blessed me (so much more than I deserve).  Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for our free country, the opportunity to openly worship, our family, the little luxuries like cars, water service, electricity, heat, working appliances, food in the pantry, gas in the gas tank, Scott's job,  and happy healthy kiddos.  It is always about perspective for me! 

I love days like today when I can say thank you to those I love for the cherished memories and many more to come and all they have taught me in my lifetime.

There is not a Thanksgiving that goes by that I don't think of my Aunt Susan.  She died the sunday after thanksgiving 11 years ago.  It was really life-changing for me to say good-bye to someone so young.  Her life was cut too short and she left behind 2 small children.  Her passing really jolted my faith and got my search for a relationship with Christ going.  I am thankful to her for teaching me so much both on this earth and after.   I pray I can make her proud and continue to forge a special relationship with her children whom I dearly love!  She will always hold a special place in my heart.

Counting my blessings today and Everyday - Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some of my greastest blessings in life - I don't know how I got so blessed!