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Happy Halloween: The Costumes...

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Arr Matey!  I have me a pirate...

...and a cute and very wiggly little spider!
Their outfits are so perfect for them this year - my mom always picks them out - she loves to and I am not huge into Halloween (I know gasp!) but Solon's favorite word is "booty" and anything corresponding with said word's functions - I used to get all up in his grill about it but I have found all boys seem to have a fascination with bodily functions ;0) and so do pirates - Arrgh, a perfect match.  And Vera well she is just busy and wiggly and so the spider is So perfect for her as well but I had to put a pink bow on it because some old lady (what is it with old ladies and gender confusion???) called her a boy - gasp - mama bear came out when I said - I know, SHE IS a cute spider - ;)!
Happy Halloween...more pictures of Beggar's night to come (we do it weird in Iowa, we celebrate on the 30th!)

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