Daddy's Halloween at work...

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Scott's company hosts a family halloween party the friday before Halloween every year.  They give the kiddos lots of candy, little trinkets, and each work group comes up with a theme.  Most of them (wink!) pick kid friendly themes...Scott's work group was zombies.  He wore my old costume (that thing has gotten some miles) and went as a pumpkin ;).  He is kind of like Jim from the Office (does not dress up).  The kiddos had a great time!

Seseme Street theme...there was also a board games theme, HS theme, wide world of sports, etc.
...and Solon just finishing up a little bit of coloring work at Daddy's messy desk before we left.  Scott says a messy desk means business is good (HA!).  We headed to Pizza Ranch for the first and last time...Solon has been dying to go but it really was a little too stressful for me...AH!  Limited quantitites of pizza and people not executing common rules of line formation and you get the idea...
Solon enjoyed all events thoroughly which was what it was all about!

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  1. Peeing my pants - can't.stop.laughing!!!!! Even Josh got a good laugh out of Scott's pumpkin costume!! Wish I was there - laughing so hard!!! Even the Pizza Ranch comments...I was dying! Josh's comment: "Aww...I like Pizza Ranch!" Ha!! Best.Post.Ever!! Love it!
    Oh, and also loved the reminder of Solon gagging last year - if I remember correctly I was also peeing my pants laughing last year!! Thanks for making my night!!


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