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Cytennial Homecoming...

Sunday, November 11, 2012
We headed up to Ames to catch up with some of Scott's fraternity brothers and hang out with the family!  It was a fun day...despite the many trips up and down the stairs with Solon (he likes to frequent the concourse regularly for snacks and restroom breaks :)

Nana the "Vera whisperer"
The camponile - such a beautiful ISU campus...
Vera doing a little tailgating in her sized chair...
The traditional Wetherbee picture (note my dad's golf glove - it is an inside joke ;)
This guy played the tuba for Vera....she was very perplexed...
We then left the kiddos in capable grandparent hands and went over to the FarmHouse Fraternity tailgate to catch up with good great friends.  Kelly (in yellow) was home on leave from his job in Algeria and Seth and his wife from China just moved back to Des Moines.  Great to catch up with them and lots of other guys too...still laugh so hard with them!!!
Grandma and Solon...
This is how we survive the game - we farm our kiddos out - it is the best case scenario for Scott and I.  And Solon totally has my dad's # and now asks if they can go get "Sugar" aka cotton candy- we have to tell him to wait until atleast the 2nd quarter :)
We hope we can cheer them on in a bowl game!  They are certainly an entertaining team to watch and they are going toe to toe with some of the nation's best!

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