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Carvin' a Punkin...

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Earlier this fall we picked out some pumpkins out at Center Grove Orchard.  We picked a white pumpkin for Vera (because I have always wanted to get one) and Solon insisted on a teeny weeny little pumpkin.  He is not into anything scary or remotely close to it (he has a Jack O'Lantern my mom had made for him with his name and he won't light it - too scary!).  So we went with some polka dots with a drill (thanks to some blogs I follow for the inspiration) and a happy face on his.
Vera was very interested and not at all grossed out - Solon was not super into it again this year and like last year gagged a few times (Click here for last year).  Cy is on steroids and was trying to grab every last morsel of pumpkin to eat...the girl is hungry all.the.stinkin.time!

I have to admit I was PUMPED to try my hand at the drilled polka-dots it equaled LOTS of fun for Solon and I.

Our finished products - see nothing scary about it!

and let me remind you of 2 years ago...
And last year...
They grow up TOO fast!
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