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A little wreath making...

Sunday, November 18, 2012
My mom always has made beautiful homemade wreaths.  She made me some when we moved into our house but after 6 years of being on the front door, they were looking a little worn.  So I found my inner-Cindy and pulled out the glue gun and got to work...the front door wreath is more elaborate since it is sheltered but the light wreaths for either side of the garage door are a little more simple as I didn't want the bulbs breaking...I am pretty proud of my skills, thanks mom for passing on your wreath making skills....
The outdoor light wreaths

Close-up of the front door wreath

Front Door Wreath

The outdoor light wreaths
Still working on the bows but I am getting the hang of it...I have since done 3 more for my new lit garland on the mantle...and yes our tree is up!  Why not?!
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  1. love them...those moms have a way of rubbing off don't they! just think what ells and vera will be whipping up in the years to come!


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